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Sakuma Full body: improves posture and helps lose weight

Sakuma Full body: improves posture and helps lose weight

The Sakuma Full Body method owes its name to its Japanese creator and the perspective he applies to the exercises. The inventor of the methodology is Kenichi Sakuma, and the intention is to shape the body in a short time under concepts of body posture.

Sakuma is a world-renowned fitness trainer. He is an advisor to models and celebrities who hire him to tone their bodies. In addition, he is the owner of CharmBody gyms, with locations in large cities in Japan and the United States.

His latest book on the Sakuma Full Body method is a bestseller in several languages. This publication is the trainer's second about his methodology, and focuses on the practical part of the exercises, explaining how they should be performed and for how long.

The same author of the methodology, based on his experience, repeats incessantly that the beneficiaries are those who have failed in previous methods. Sakuma initially wondered why some people can lose weight easily and others cannot.

And it really is like that in everyday life. We all know people who maintain their figure with little effort, and others who, despite diet and constant exercise, do not reduce their weight or tone their muscles.

The Sakuma Full Body method aims to ensure that people who have difficulty losing weight can do so with no more than five minutes a day. Likewise, it would help tone muscle fibers in the most complicated regions of the body.

What are the fundamentals of the technique

  • The Sakuma Full Body method focuses on posture correction. It assumes that, as a general rule, human beings have a tendency toward bad bodily habits.
  • These bad habits are the bad postures that we use throughout our day: when sleeping, at work, when we walk, sit or do something standing. According to the creator's principles, poorly used muscles affect the entire body contour.
  • If we increased the activity of the muscles that we use the least, and that are involved in posture, our figure and body weight would benefit. In short, the hypothesis is that learning to use the body results in more toning.
  • Continuing with this theory, Sakuma states that body fat is reduced by improving posture because basal metabolism increases. The muscles that we do not use, or that are left unused due to poor posture, do not tone up because their metabolism is reduced.
  • On the other hand, when the less used muscle areas - abdomen, thighs, calves, back - are activated, they regain their shape. This recovered tone would be enough for body fat to reduce.
  • And the best thing about the Sakuma Full Body method is the time it would involve. The Japanese author proposes about four minutes a day of constantly recomposing your posture.
  • Poor posture in everyday life would inactivate large muscle groups, which would lead to a decrease in basal metabolism.

The importance of pelvic posture

  • One of the axes of the Sakuma Full Body method is working on pelvic posture. The Japanese coach has been warning about the problem of poor pelvic positions for some time.
  • According to their observations, eight out of ten people have poor posture in their pelvic region. This means that they place it very forward -anteversion is the technical name- or very backward -retroversion.
  • Both positions inactivate fundamental and large muscles of the body. Furthermore, the spine copies the bad position, also acquiring an inappropriate habit. This leads to areas of the body trunk that are used and others that are overloaded.
  • As we previously explained, in Sakuma's theory, muscle inactivation reduces basal metabolism and increases fat accumulation. Since the pelvis regulates large muscle groups, the effect is considerable.
  • To achieve a well-positioned pelvis we should be able to draw a straight imaginary line that joins the neck, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles. If this position is met, then we are in a correct standing posture.
  • Pelvic posture affects the entire body. The back and lower limbs are regulated by the pelvic position.

In conclusion

  • Japanese Sakuma's Full Body method is a worldwide success. He has crossed the barriers of his country of origin to become present throughout the world. The books are translated into several languages ​​and that makes them more accessible.
  • Medically there would be no contraindication for the application of this method. Basically it is an improvement in posture seeking balance and muscle activation. It should not generate adverse effects; much less by spending only four minutes a day.
  • For people with spine problems or joint disorders, a consultation with a doctor or physical therapist may be advisable. The relevance of the exercises in each case can be evaluated to be sure of their safety.

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