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Where they are located?

We are an online store and we ship to all of Mexico for only $99 pesos and on orders over $899 shipping is FREE! 😱😱

Do they make international shipments?

Of course! Our products have arrived outside of Mexico to various parts of the world 🌎

For more details visit: How do I place my international order?

How do I place an order?

Very easy! follow these simple steps:

▪️Add the products to the cart 🛒
▪️Click on Finish Order
▪️Fill out your shipping information correctly
▪️Choose the payment method. We accept:
✅ Credit card (all)
✅ Debit card (all)
✅ Interbank transfer (SPEI)
✅ Deposit at bank window
✅ Payment in OXXO

📌 If you choose to pay in bank or OXXO you will receive confirmation of the order along with the information to make the deposit. Once payment has been made, send the receipt to the email you received or via WhatsApp to process your order.

For international shipments visit: How do I place my international order?

What is the shipping cost?

We ship to all of Mexico for only $99 pesos and on orders over $899 shipping is completely FREE! 😀🥳

In how much time will my request be delivered?

Your order normally arrives in 3 to 5 business days 🚛💨 but we have Super Express Shipping 🚀 from 24 to 48 business hours that you can choose when placing your order.

International shipments arrive in approximately 4 to 7 days.

¿Tienen precios de mayoreo?

🔥 We have temporary discounts and promotions. Take advantage of promotional prices before they end! ⏳

¿Cómo puedo distribuir sus productos?

Por favor llena este formulario para recibir información para distribución 👉

📌 Puede tardar unos minutos en recibir el correo en tu buzón. En caso que no lo recibas revisa por favor tu bandeja de SPAM.

How do I track my order?

Once the tracking guide for your order has been generated, the tracking key is automatically sent to your email so you can monitor it. Remember that orders received after 2p.m. They leave the next business day.

*If you already have an order number or tracking guide, go here to track your package: 👉 Track my order

We suggest you read this very important information about shipping your order 👉 Shipments in transit

Is my purchase safe?

Of course! Your purchase is 100% secure and guaranteed. What better way to demonstrate it than through our customer reviews 👉 Customer Reviews