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Why is it important to have an air ozonizer at home?

Why is it important to have an air ozonizer at home?
While many come to think that an ozonizer is a luxury device, the truth is that having one at home provides us with benefits that go beyond avoiding those moisture stains on the walls. Since we get rid of the mold and mites that proliferate in these environments, their installation also directly contributes to our health.

The uses of ozone are many, but in nature it is produced in the upper atmosphere and during electrical storms, and in addition to this we know that ozone has a very short lifespan. How can we obtain an appreciable amount of it to be able to give it the necessary use?

There are devices capable of generating appreciable quantities of ozone. These devices take oxygen from the air, decompose it and convert it into ozone (O3). These devices are called ozonators.

What are the benefits of ozonators?

Ozone generators are ideal for deodorizing small environments, such as:

  • Offices
  • Kitchens
  • Living rooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Apartments

Odor problems are easily combatable by destroying them and preventing them from sticking to fabrics, walls or furniture, as they provide a large amount of oxygen and make the air more breathable and healthy.

Due to its high disinfectant power and bactericidal action, it destroys germs, bacteria, molds, fungus, etc., preventing the spread of diseases that are transmitted through the air.

What are the risks when using an ozonator?

On the other hand, the following observations are valid for users and are with respect to the recommendations for the use of ozone for human use.

The negative symptoms due to a high concentration of ozone are dryness in the respiratory tract, headache and difficulty breathing. If you detect these symptoms in the presence of an excessive ozone odor, it is possible that the concentration is very high, you can temporarily suspend the use of the equipment and wait a few minutes, the gas disperses quickly, reducing its concentration.

Ozone as a disinfectant agent in the home

The majority of people who live, work and carry out leisure activities in highly populated cities tend to be susceptible to contracting diseases due to factors such as: accumulation of stress, decreased defenses, poor air quality, this last factor being one of the main.

The threat of getting sick and contracting diseases (mainly of the respiratory tract) brings with it, in addition to the obvious health problems, psychological problems.

The history of humanity remembers with fear the outbreak of pandemics that were fatal for human beings, such as: the Spanish flu (1918-1919) caused by the virus (H1N1), which by far has been the pandemic by type. The deadliest flu of the 20th century, infecting around a quarter of the world's population at the time and killing approximately 40 million people.

In a globalized world like the one we currently live in, the greater mobility of people between different latitudes of the world allows a greater spread of new diseases, as well as a greater risk of pandemics, an example of this is "Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome", commonly referred to as SARS.

These types of aspects highlight the importance of making the interior environment of our homes a place free of any danger of pathogens, with high air quality and capable of satisfying the needs of its inhabitants. Unfortunately, most of the homes or workplaces we live in are not designed to prevent the spread of viruses, bacteria and fungi in the air.

It is precisely the spread of viruses and bacteria in the environment that allows the spread of diseases (mainly respiratory) in multiple groups or sectors of society. For this reason, the need to have a renewed, clean and pathogen-free environment is essential if we want to considerably reduce the risk of contracting respiratory diseases, mainly.

Among the multiple agents and methods of air disinfection that exist in the current market, ozone has proven to be useful for eliminating viruses, bacteria and microorganisms in the environment, which causes better quality of ambient air and therefore decreases considerably the spread of viruses and bacteria, which cause many respiratory tract diseases in humans.

This variety of fungus can create health problems, because this type of fungus produces allergens (substances that cause allergic reactions), irritants and, in certain cases, possibly toxic substances (mycotoxins).

This is why it is essential to eliminate “mold” on surfaces, walls and in all places where it could be lodged. Among the various options available to combat the presence of “mold” in homes, the most effective way is the application of ozone.

Thanks to the oxidizing power of ozone and its great reactivity towards organic molecules (microorganisms, viruses, bacteria, fungi), it is capable of completely eliminating the action of “mold” and fungi that are representing a problem in homes.

Acquiring ozonation equipment becomes a great investment if we take into account its important benefits. It is not only a matter of aesthetics for the home, but it is a good ally of health and well-being. Keep that in mind!

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