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Aerobics, the key to better mental health

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After 50, do aerobic exercise benefits your brain health. So if you are already at that stage in your life and want to give your brain a little help to stay lucid, make sure to incorporate aerobic exercise into your routine.

Do crossword puzzles, play Sudoku, scrabble or chess, selecting readings that stimulate you intellectually or learning something new, are excellent ways to exercise your brain so that some of its functions such as memory do not deteriorate.

But beyond these activities that make you think, researchers at the University of Texas in Dallas, United States, found that aerobic activities such as Running and cycling also provide great benefits to brain health.

In addition to improving physical condition, aerobic exercise increases blood flow to certain specific areas of the brain that are involved with cognitive functions, including memory.

To reach this conclusion, the researchers studied sedentary adults who were between 57 and 75 years old. They were randomly divided into two groups. One group that exercised and another that didn't. Those in the exercise group did supervised sessions in which they rode a stationary bike or ran on a treadmill for an hour, three times a week.

After twelve weeks, the researchers evaluated the participants and found that the blood flow of those who exercised increased in an area of ​​the brain called the anterior cingulate, responsible for regulating a wide variety of emotional and cognitive functions and related to ability. mental in old age.

There is no doubt that this study contributes to confirm that aerobic exercise provides many benefits related to the memory and shows that Exercising reduces the consequences of brain deterioration associated with aging.

Remember that in addition to exercise, a good way to take care of your brain health is to eat healthy. Foods that contain Omega 3 fatty acids such as tuna, salmon and other fatty fish; tree nuts; canola oil; linseed oil; soybeans (soybeans); among others, they can also contribute to brain health.

Besides, Sleeping well is essential for improving brain function.


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