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Goodbye to the tummy! 13 tips to show off a flat stomach and lead a healthy life

11 reasons you're not losing belly fat

Aren't you tired of hiding that prominent belly with baggy clothes? Or suffering the torment of wearing a girdle or clothes that are uncomfortable and tight? You already know that all that fat that has been accumulating in the belly area makes you feel unattractive, harms your health and even makes it difficult for you to perform the tasks of your daily life. To reduce those extra pounds and inches, it is urgent that you follow a plan to lose weight, little by little and in a healthy way, burning more calories than you consume, raising the level of your metabolism and reducing general body fat. Here we give you 13 tips to achieve that goal.

1. Follow a diet low in calories and increases physical activity. If you reduce 500 calories a day, you will be able to reduce about 500 grams per week (about 1 pound), guaranteeing a gradual loss of extra weight. Ideally, this time will serve as training to learn to eat better in the long term and forever, so that you do not regain the lost weight once you finish the diet.

2. To quickly burn the calories you consume you have to raise your metabolism. To achieve this, you have to increase your level of muscle mass — so in addition to an aerobic exercise routine, incorporate a muscle-strengthening routine at least twice a week. Abdominal exercises will help you improve the firmness and tone of the area, but to increase metabolic expenditure you have to work all the muscle groups in the body: abdomen, legs, glutes, chest, back and arms.

3. Increase the intensity of aerobic exercises, since the metabolism increases up to several hours after performing the exercises. High intensity exercise increases energy expenditure and for longer periods of time. So try raising the intensity level of your aerobics (running or jogging instead of walking, for example), or alternate high-intensity intervals with low- or moderate-intensity intervals.

4. Eat more frequently and avoid fasting and very low-calorie diets. Reducing calories excessively accustoms the body to scarcity and makes it more efficient at working with less “fuel.”

5. Eat smaller meals every 3 or 4 hours to keep your metabolism high. Eating food more often does not mean eating “too much.” Reduce portions and choose foods wisely: avoid those high in sugar and fat and therefore, calories. Good options are fruits, vegetables and natural yogurt.

6. Increases water consumption (drink as much as you can, with a minimum of 8 glasses a day).

7. Drink green tea, as it increases metabolic expenditure for several hours. Avoid sweetening it with sugar and honey to avoid increasing calories.

8. Eat enough protein. The body uses more calories to digest protein than to digest fats or carbohydrates. Choose a source high in protein but low in fat, such as lean beef, chicken, fish, beans, lentils, milk or yogurt. Accompany them with fruits, vegetables and cereals.

9. Sleep enough. If you don't, you will accumulate more fat in your stomach. According to recent studies, people who do not get enough sleep are 70% more likely to be overweight. The explanation is as follows: leptin is a protein that signals to the brain that the body has received enough food and is satisfied, thus reducing the craving for food. Lack of sleep reduces leptin production, resulting in increased appetite and extra pounds. Not only that, lack of sleep also reduces the ability to produce insulin that controls blood sugar levels. Again, this causes fat deposits to be as irregular as sugar deposits. So you must distribute your daily time to include both physical activity and the necessary rest.

10. Eat a breakfast rich in fiber (whole wheat bread or oat cereal).

eleven. Avoid junk foods that contain high levels of fat and sodium.

12. You don't have to stop going to your favorite restaurant, but rather learn to select from the menu the dishes most suitable for your new lifestyle: grilled meats and a varied salad are good options. If you can't resist ordering dessert, moderate the portions and increase your exercise level that day.

13. Increase daily consumption of fruits and vegetables fresh and make this a habit.

You will see that with adjustments in diet, exercises and willpower you will get rid of excess belly fat forever.


"Because prevention is better than cure"

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