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4 drinks that put our health at risk

4 drinks that put our health at risk

Many products that we consume daily are not healthy at all. On the contrary, they can cause serious damage to our health, regardless of how delicious they are to our palate.

The calories, which are what these drinks contain, are the cause of many serious problems. The best known is obesity , which has become one of the most important public health problems. Likewise, calories can trigger conditions such as diabetes or problems cardiovascular severe that trigger heart attacks.

These are the high-calorie drinks you should avoid:


  • Soft drinks are without a doubt the most harmful drinks you can consume. It is best to avoid consumption. This is because they contain a large amount of sugar and calories that can cause obesity problems and encourage the onset of diabetes. Also avoid consuming diet and sugar-free soft drinks, they are more dangerous.

Alcoholic beverages

  • Alcohol abuse can also cause serious damage to our health. As we know, when we ingest alcohol our body carries out a chemical process by which it is transformed into sugar.
  • Therefore, alcoholic beverages usually contain many calories that, among other things, cause obesity. Furthermore, we usually combine some type of alcohol with soft drinks, which is doubly harmful.
  • However, consuming these drinks in moderation also has benefits, especially in the case of beer and wine.


  • Juices are usually healthy, but many of them contain a large amount of sugar and calories. That is why we must be careful when we buy these drinks, especially those that are processed.
  • In any case, it is best to prepare our juices ourselves, trying not to add sugar or, if necessary, using a calorie-free or natural sweetener, such as stevia.


  • Although they are delicious, milkshakes usually contain high levels of sugar and calories. In fact, if these are prepared with whole milk, your problems may be greater.
  • Therefore, it is best to try not to consume these types of drinks or do so in moderation. We can even choose to prepare a smoothie with very little sugar or other types of sweeteners.

Some coffee shop drinks

  • In recent years the variety of drinks sold in cafes has increased considerably. In them we can find everything from a simple coffee to drinks that contain products high in sugar and calories.
  • For example, whipped cream, cookies or any other type of sweets or sweets are added to some drinks of this type. Obviously, drinking them frequently is harmful to our health.

The best thing to take care of our health would be to avoid drinks with a lot of sugar, drink 2 liters of water daily and watch what we consume. With these simple tips you can lead a healthier life, avoiding the risk of contracting chronic diseases that can even lead to death.

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