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Healthy eating as preventive medicine

10 keys to a heart-healthy diet

If they told you that: by changing soft drinks for natural water and processed foods for what nature offers; You could avoid countless diseases or even improve one that you already suffer from, would you believe it? It seems incredible, but Maintaining a clean, preservative-free diet has proven to be the best preventive medicine of all time.

Eating healthy is actually not complicated or boring; It is pertinent to include the seven food groups in a certain sequence and organized with the portions according to each person's physical needs, which are different for each person. In this way, optimal consumption of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fiber and many more nutrients will be achieved that will contribute to better health, that is, The functioning of your immune system would improve, you would protect your heart, you would oxygenate your blood and, in addition, your mental health would also benefit by feeling better about yourself.

The main objective of our Health Store is to promote healthy eating and habits that generate a significant change in the quality of life of those who visit us.


"Because prevention is better than cure"

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