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Improve your health and emotional control

Improve your health emotional control

Emotional control is important to relate to ourselves and other people. For this, we have to understand our emotions, reflect on them and make them conscious.

Greater emotional control will make us much happier. Well, although emotions are part of us, sometimes they make us suffer. How can we improve it? We will see this with a series of strategies that will help us and promote greater psychological well-being.

Strategies to improve your emotional control

Below we present a series of strategies to improve your emotional control:

1. Know how to understand your emotions

You have to know how to understand your emotions. Sometimes, we don't stop to reflect on how we feel. Why have you become so angry with your children? What happened to make you lose control at work? Sometimes we explode because we accumulate bad feelings and this causes us stress, anxiety and a bad mood. If it is very difficult for us to stop and think to understand our emotions, it is possible that it will be very useful for us to write an emotional diary.

Writing is therapeutic and will help us see from another perspective how we have performed during the day. This way, if we don't like a situation we will learn to control it better next time. We must be open to learning and change.

2. Listen

Practicing active listening is important to pay attention to what we are really hearing and what is affecting us. For example, at a certain moment you may feel very angry for incorrectly interpreting words that you have not heard correctly.

Paying the correct attention to our interlocutors, also being attentive to their non-verbal communication, will help us better understand what they are telling us. This will prevent us from many uncontrolled emotional reactions.

3. Reviews are not always negative

We tend to react negatively to criticism because it damages our ego. However, sometimes reviews are not always negative. Therefore, they can help us grow. Maybe a good criticism, at the right time, can make us change something negative about ourselves.

Let's think that we don't always have to like everything we hear. The fact that someone tells us that we are not doing things right or that we need to rectify something can help us. It is also essential that we pay attention to those criticisms that come, expressly, to cause harm. In this case, let's not rush headlong into anger. Let's get away, let's avoid them affecting us.

4. Avoid reacting impulsively

Many people always have emotions on the surface. Maybe because they are very sensitive and have never tried to control them. Avoid reacting impulsively! You will save yourself a lot of trouble and trouble. Above all, harming the people closest to you.

It works very well to stop and breathe, not react suddenly and give yourself a moment. In this way, we can think better and act in a way that we will not regret later. If we can, let's get out of the environment we're about to explode in and get some fresh air. Sometimes, it is necessary to step away from the situation a little to be able to see what is happening in perspective.

5. Maintain an optimistic attitude

Maintaining an optimistic attitude is something we must work on ourselves. It just consists of seeing things differently. No matter how complicated everything has become: always have a smile to face it. Being positive will make us much more resilient, with the consequence that we will be less likely to have interpersonal conflicts. Doing our part will be essential.

6. Practice mindfulness (Mindfulness, also called full attention or full awareness, consists of being intentionally attentive to what we do, without judging, attaching, or rejecting the experience in any way.)

The term mindfulness sounds familiar to all of us, as it is a widely used and effective practice that has more and more followers. Mindfulness improves concentration, helps against stress and anxiety, allows us to concentrate on the present moment and improves our self-awareness.

Without a doubt, they are all benefits. Thanks to this practice we can learn many things that will make us happier in our lives. It is a powerful tool to improve our emotional control.

Many people choose to exercise, sign up for meditation classes or other techniques that help them control their emotions in one way or another. If you are a person who always has emotions on the surface, it will be very difficult to do it at first. However, as with many other things, practice is essential.

Be constant, aware of your emotions, listen to them, understand them, take your time! When you least expect it, you will have taken giant steps towards emotional control that you never thought you could achieve at first.

Everything is for good health and better emotional control.

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