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Phytotherapy: the benefit of nature

what is phytotherapy
Phytotherapy can be considered the first medicine that reached people. Phytopharmaceuticals and their active ingredients were the only medicine that humans used to prevent diseases and improve health. It was the way it used to be treated before the chemical compounds arrived.

Some experts maintain that the effectiveness of medicinal plants is much more proven in humans than the chemical drugs that doctors recommend and that make us feel so safe. Of course, it must be said that despite their good track record, they also have their risks. Especially because the active ingredients of plants are chemical compounds that act in combination with the internal chemistry of the body and it is necessary to have a certain knowledge before consuming them so as not to trigger an imbalance.

What is phytotherapy?

Phytotherapy is the use of certain plants with medicinal properties and therapeutic purposes.

This use of plant products is quite popular today. The reason why this happens is because they hardly cause any side effects and because opting for natural products is increasingly gaining importance.

It must be said that there are not so many differences between a phytopharmaceutical and a conventional medicine. Most of the drugs we buy in the pharmacy contain the same active ingredients as those found in medicinal plants. The big difference is that synthetic medications have active ingredients that have been created in a laboratory. For their part, plants are much more natural.

One of the most striking aspects of medicinal plants is that some of their natural chemical elements are unknown. People are aware that they have certain active ingredients that work with other elements, some of which are unknown. The synergy between the different substances is what facilitates its therapeutic properties. In a laboratory, the human hand has the possibility of increasing the dose and therefore giving more strength to the medicine.

Phytotherapy is a branch of natural medicine that uses extracts of medicinal plants to help achieve better health. It is estimated that there may be around 25,000 medicinal plants with therapeutic uses worldwide.

The benefits of phytotherapy

Bach flowers, for example, are part of phytotherapy. These plant extracts are highly effective in treating conditions such as stress, as stated in the article 'Effectiveness of Bach flower therapy against academic stress in first-year dentistry students'.

Therefore, as we have already realized, phytotherapy provides multiple advantages. Let's see, then, some of the benefits of phytotherapy and how it can help us.

Does not contain chemicals

  • The search for what is natural aims to move away from excessive consumption of drugs and treat the minor diseases that we suffer in a way that is much more respectful of our body. Self-medication is not a recommended action. Therefore, betting on phytotherapy is a good idea.

It is an economical therapy

  • We know how much it costs to buy a syrup at the pharmacy. But what if a ginger infusion can also have very positive effects to calm our discomfort? Phytotherapy is cheaper and we have it within our reach. We just have to know what we are looking for.

It has hardly any side effects

  • This third benefit of phytotherapy makes many doctors recommend its use to patients who are undergoing cancer treatment. Thus, with plants, they can reduce their nausea, feel better and more encouraged to overcome the illness they are suffering from.
  • Phytotherapy plants can be consumed in capsules, in the form of lotions or even using essential oils. It is important to take into account the opinion of professionals to choose the most effective method for our case.

It is a resource for new treatments

  • Although we usually make a separation between natural therapies and drugs, today, many of the new medical treatments include aromatic and medicinal plants. Therefore, if its use is considered in this area, it is clear that it has many benefits.

Own cultivation of plants

  • Although we can go to specific establishments to find the ingredients that will help us obtain the benefits of phytotherapy, there is also the option of growing them ourselves.
  • By growing plants we could make essential oils to use in aromatherapy. This thing that seems so difficult to do, just requires practice. Furthermore, trying it will mean financial savings and the possibility of having the oils whenever we want.

If you are interested in herbal medicine, now you know the benefits it can bring you. Therefore, if you want to stop consuming so many drugs when you suffer from heartburn, flu or any other mild condition, give medicinal plants a chance.

You will be surprised to see how they soothe your aches and pains, and all without side effects! There are many people who have introduced phytotherapy into their lives and are seeing very positive results.

If you want, you can start by preparing a simple recipe, such as an essential oil from a plant. You can also consider purchasing Bach flowers if you suffer from stress or anxiety. Try its benefits!

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