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Emotions and the immune system: how their relationship affects your health

10 Characteristics of Emotions

Emotions are reactions that we all experience daily, although not always consciously.

In the field of health, it is emphasized that those of a negative nature, such as anxiety, stress and anger, are risk factors that can trigger diseases.

Since there is a connection between mind and body, when there is stress, anxiety or discomfort, the body goes into a state of alert and reacts in a way that can tell it that something is not right.

Negative emotions

There are various explanations why a high state of negative emotionality can have consequences for health.

When experiencing intense anger, sadness, anxiety or depression, changes in behavior can occur that cause us to abandon healthy habits.

These can be a balanced diet, physical exercise or a social life, and on the contrary, we replace them with a sedentary lifestyle or addictions to avoid feelings.

On the other hand, when an emotion is prolonged or becomes a chronic state, it can deteriorate our health by activating the nervous system, increasing heart rate, high blood pressure, increasing muscle tension, among other problems.

This physiological alteration can make us more vulnerable to the development of infectious or immunological diseases.

For example, several studies have shown that depression is a significant risk factor for coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, and cardiac mortality.

There is definitely a direct relationship between emotions and health. The reaction we have to certain situations, and the emotions are different in each person.

There are those who, faced with an excess of emotional burden, have physical problems such as headaches or digestive disorders, or there are those who develop behavioral problems such as addictions. Regardless of how they are processed, there are negative symptoms.

People who are in good emotional health are usually aware of their thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

They have learned healthy ways to deal with stress and know that problems are a part of life

So now you know, learn to channel your emotions, feel good about yourself and have healthy relationships!

Remember that we can help you achieve that well-being and inner peace that you have been looking for.


"Because prevention is better than cure"

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