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Four tricks to eat more vegetables

The reasons why the '5 a day' are like this: 2 fruits and 3 vegetables

Your health is in nature

Vegetables are full of vitamins and minerals that are essential for the body to function properly and stay healthy, which is why it is important to consume them every day. The ideal is to accompany each of our meals with some vegetables to guarantee nutrients to the body.

If you don't like vegetables very much, or you find it difficult to prepare more elaborate foods... we share these four tricks that, apart from being very delicious, will give you peace of mind that you are giving your body what it needs:

  1. Try a smoothie, no matter what time of day! You can use vegetables such as spinach, celery, lemon, cactus, cucumber, kale, parsley; Try different combinations every day and remember to add a serving of your favorite fruit.
  2. Always accompany your meal with a salad, this will give you satiety for the rest of your day. We recommend using a mix of green leaves such as romaine lettuce and arugula, adding at least three vegetables of different colors... tomato, carrot and red onion are the perfect mix.
  3. Adding vegetables to your soup will not only ensure that you are nourished by them, but will also give it a different and delicious flavor.
  4. Take advantage of stews to add more vegetables, pumpkin and tomatillo are excellent options to give a better seasoning and, if you have children at home who don't eat vegetables, they won't even notice!


"Because prevention is better than cure"

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