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Detox at home

What is a detox and what is it for?

Purifying the body of toxins is necessary to prevent diseases from triggering over time, cleansing the organs of these particles that remain lodged in them. Detoxifying the body is as easy as drinking enough water throughout the day, but we can do more:

  1. Eat a balanced diet full of vegetables
  2. Do some physical activity that helps oxygenate the blood
  3. Drink at least one tea a day, the one you prefer is the best!
  4. Including fruits such as grapefruit, green apple and pineapple will be your allies in a detox
  5. Perform lymphatic drainage exercises.
  6. Combine fruits and vegetables in juices.
  7. Try baths with cold water, this will help eliminate the toxins accumulated from that same day

Start little by little to adopt these healthy habits, you will notice that the discomfort will fade and the visits to the doctor will be fewer; It's just a matter of making small changes to notice the big benefits.


"Because prevention is better than cure"

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