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Seven habits that will help you have a productive day

How to have a more productive day - My Own Boss

Wake up with the motivation to have a great day

Reaching the end of the day with energy and peace of mind that you have met your goals and tasks… it is possible! How many times have you woken up very early to start your tasks and without realizing it, it is already night and you have not made as much progress as you would have expected. When you don't give yourself the necessary time, there will not be hours in the world to cover your duties.

On this occasion we share seven tips that will help you have a much more productive day:

  1. Give yourself the time to wake up, stretch, assimilate the new day to come and drink some water to help your organs in their process of losing sleep. Important! Decree something positive every morning.
  2. Whether you work at home or away, take a few minutes to cleanse and groom yourself so you feel comfortable throughout the day.
  3. Nourish your body, have something you like for breakfast and do it calmly while you enjoy the moment with a tea, smoothie or juice.

It is important to mention that up to this point you should not be distracted by pending tasks, calls or emails to send. It's about starting your morning with organization and serenity based on a schedule.

  • Very good, let's get to work! Write all your tasks in your notebook, cell phone, computer or however you prefer; Now, start with the easiest ones, the ones you know you will finish quickly, and move forward in that order.
    • Tip: have natural water on hand and try to get up for five minutes every hour or hour and a half; Hydration and healthy distraction will be your indirect motivation factor.
  • Have an established work schedule and respect it, achieving this habit is essential to achieve truly productive days. Now, spend some time doing some activity that you like and that clears your mind; It's not worth thinking about work and organizing the next day, this space is for you.
  • When it comes to going to bed, don't go too late; sleeplessness is one of the main vices that slows down performance. Try to have a break of at least seven hours, put down your cell phone and ignore it until the next day, and most importantly, before going to sleep, be grateful for having had one more chance to live.
  • Good morning! Repeat from point one.
"Because prevention is better than cure"

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