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20 Recommendations for a good memory

Recommendations for a good memory

Our brain is one of the most important parts of the body and therefore we must take optimal care of it. Thanks to our brain we have the ability to think, feel, make decisions, remember. It is in this last action that many people feel that their brain begins to fail, in memories, that is, in memory.

Many of us believe that having a good memory is a matter that is out of our control. However, good memory is a skill and learning how to improve it can help you be a more creative and innovative leader.

Memory plays a crucial role in our lives, since thanks to it we preserve the knowledge that helps us navigate the world correctly.

For this reason, and in order to have a good memory, it is absolutely necessary to exercise it optimally. To achieve this goal, today we are going to explain how to exercise your memory through some tips.

The first step is to change the way you think about it. Memory isn't designed to remember names, find keys, or store all the passwords you've created; It is made to work in context. For example, if you try to make a list of all the vegetables you remember, you will do better if you imagine yourself walking through a supermarket.

20 Recommendations to keep memory active

  • Be an active person: avoid passivity and carry out activities that make us feel useful and that we are part of society.
  • Take care of your diet by eating healthy and trying to sleep 6 to 8 hours daily, in order to feel well rested and help the brain function better.
  • Relating to people is crucial, it helps us stay active, use language and get our heads moving.
  • Oxygen yourself correctly and practice relaxation through breathing.
  • Never stop learning new things: show concern and desire to learn, to be impressed by knowledge. Never lose curiosity to know more.
  • Be independent. Don't let others help you with everything.
  • Word games: Currently there are many games that help practice language in a way that helps us not forget words. In addition to word games, board games also help stimulate the mind.
  • Laugh. Never stop smiling as laughter drives away stress which, in many cases, is the culprit of memory problems.
  • Never stop telling: tell all your memories to your children, grandchildren, neighbors and if they no longer want to listen to them, try keeping a diary or a memoir in which you capture all your memories day by day.
  • Introduce new things into your daily life to avoid falling into monotony.
  • Stimulate all the senses, smelling flowers, listening to classical music, seeing beautiful works of art.
  • Let the imagination fly. This is very useful and very easy to do. Imagine the end of a movie or a book you are reading, put faces to people as they come up in conversations.
  • Reading is super useful, since one of the benefits of reading is that it helps with memory problems by stimulating it.
  • Look around you and list everything you see on the streets.
  • Perform physical exercise.
  • Listen to the radio and watch cultural programs on television.
  • Explain your knowledge to the little ones around you.
  • Keep our environment tidy.
  • Look at old photos and videos.
  • Write letters, recipes or anything else that interests us.

“The human mind can't really multitask, it just shares it.”

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