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Technique to fall asleep in less than two minutes

Technique to fall asleep in less than two minutes

Fortunately, all is not lost for those who do not fall asleep instantly because there is a technique that will help you fall asleep in two minutes. In the book titled Relax and Win: Championship Performance (1981), readers receive advice on how to improve athletic performance and reduce injuries by learning to relax and release tension before competition.

One of the methods within the book teaches people how to fall asleep in 120 seconds, a technique that has been used by the US military, with a 96% success rate after six weeks of practice.

How to sleep in two minutes

The method is divided into the following steps:

  • First, you must relax the muscles of your face, including your tongue, jaw, and those around your eyes.
  • Then you have to drop your shoulders as low as possible.
  • Next, relax your upper and lower arm on one side, and then the other.
  • Now, inhale and exhale to relax your chest.
  • Finally, relax your legs, first your thighs and then your calves.

What comes next?

After clearing your mind for 10 seconds, book author Lloyd Bud Winter suggests you imagine one of the following three mental images:

  • Lying in a canoe on a calm lake, nothing but blue sky above you.
  • Curled up in a black velvet hammock in a pitch black room.
  • Saying “don't think, don't think, don't think” over and over again for ten seconds.

The North American Army also recommends some habits to help you sleep:

Reduce caffeine intake

  • People who have trouble sleeping are often more sensitive to mild stimulants than people who sleep normally. Caffeine is found in items such as coffee, tea, soft drinks, chocolate, and many over-the-counter medications.

Don't skip nights of sleep

  • Taking time to sleep can seem frustrating when you have a busy life; However, it is exactly what is needed to support the biological process your brain needs to maintain optimal performance. Sleep is also important for improving memory and regulating hormones.

Move the TV or computer out of your room

  • Having distractions in your room can make it difficult to relax and sleep peacefully. Anything that stimulates your brain or distracts you while you go to bed is causing you to lose sleep.

When you are tired go to bed

  • It's hard to stop that movie or put down that book when you start to get tired of it. Going to bed when you are not tired can also be a problem. Going to bed too early can be frustrating or make it difficult to close your mind. Not going to bed when your body tells you it's tired can cause you to not get enough sleep.

Practice a good bedtime routine

  • Practicing a good bedtime routine can help your body begin to relax and help you sleep soundly. Allow yourself at least an hour before bed to relax. Practicing good hygiene before bed is also helpful. So brushing your teeth, washing your face, or taking a bath can help you relax.

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