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Nettle to improve joint pain

Nettle to improve joint pain

Nettles have been known since ancient times for their medicinal properties. It may surprise you, since usually when we touch this plant we immediately feel a sharp sting.

However, it is precisely these astringent, expectorant, anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties that make them ideal for relieving our joint pain.

Medicinal properties of nettles

Nettles are known all over the world. It is a plant that we can find in Europe, North America, North Africa and Asia.

It has those classic hairs that inject very painful chemicals into our skin and that, at the same time, have been included in traditional medicine to treat many diseases and ailments, including arthritis.

And nettles have a large amount of amino acids, sterols, ketones, formic acid, folic acid and chlorophyll, all elements that help us strengthen the immune system, relieve stress, fatigue and joint pain.

As if this were not enough, nettles have a large contribution of minerals such as iron, phosphate, beta-carotene, calcium, vitamins A, C, and E.

The fact that nettles are good for relieving joint pain is based on their ability to reduce joint inflammation. They are also excellent diuretics, which will allow us to eliminate fluids.

Remedy with nettles to relieve joint pain

The anti-inflammatory properties of nettles reside precisely in their leaves. Don't worry about those annoying hairs that cause us sting when we touch them, they disappear completely when we boil them.

First of all, you will wonder how to get this medicinal plant. Well, it is common to find it naturally in many areas, and it is even possible that you have them in your own garden.

We can catch them as long as we are sure that they have not received any treatment with pesticides. You can also find them in herbal stores, ready to take as an infusion or in tablets.

Nettle in tablets

If you prefer nettle tablets to alleviate your joint pain, you should know that you can take up to 1200 mg per day. So, you can take one 600 tablet at breakfast and another 600 tablet at dinner. You can take it up to 15 days in a row during those times when you suffer from greater joint pain.

Nettle infusion to treat pain

The most common way to benefit from the properties of nettles is through an infusion. You need between five or six sheets. Put them in a cup of boiling water in the teapot, then let it sit for about five minutes.

You can add a tablespoon of honey as a sweetener (you already know that honey, for its part, is very appropriate, for example, to treat rheumatoid arthritis).

This nettle-based infusion is perfect to drink after your main meal. The important thing is that you are consistent and include it daily in your diet. Little by little, the effect will be cumulative and you will see how the joint pain will reduce. Don't stop trying it.

However, consult your doctor before taking them or stopping any other treatment. This remedy is a complement to medical treatment.

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