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What to do after eating too much?

Symptoms & Causes of Indigestion | NIDDK

Minimize the consequences of overeating with these 4 simple suggestions. 


The first maxim after eating too much is hydration. In general to detoxify the body after excesses.

To hydrate yourself, in addition to drinking plain water, you can consider vegetable soups or low-fat broths, including soups and fruits in your diet . Sometimes we feel hungry when what we really need is to hydrate.


Tiredness is usually one of the main reasons why we feel hungry due to the calories we have ingested. When we do not respect the hours of sleep, the hormones that regulate appetite become uncontrolled, achieving deep sleep .

When the leptin hormone decreases (the one directly related to the feeling of satiety), ghrelin increases (the one that stimulates appetite) and with it, the desire to eat, to make matters worse, it favors sugar cravings. At that time we remind you to consume fruits.

Eat a light salad

When you are aware that you have fallen into excess, you may feel like you never want to eat again.

However, it is important to opt for something light a few hours later. Avoid cheeses, creamy dressings, processed meats and bread (foods that take a long time to digest).

Instead, fill your plate with vegetables and complement it with fruits. In addition to being nutritious, you will feel light detox fruits, your best allies .

Resume the routine

When you get up in the morning the next day, resume your usual routine.

Do not try to behave “too well” or try extremes to compensate for the excesses of the previous day or you may fall into excesses again.

Eat as usual, do your training and try to control stress as much as possible.


"Because prevention is better than cure"

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