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Aerobic exercise could reduce risk of cancer metastasis by 72%

Researchers at Tel Aviv University in Israel conducted a new study that found that high-intensity aerobic exercise can reduce the risk of metastatic cancer. It's all about glucose.
According to researchers, high-intensity exercise (for example HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training) increases glucose consumption by internal organs, which reduces the amount left at the tumor's disposal.
There is no doubting the benefits of physical exercise. In previous studies it has been shown that its practice reduces the risk of suffering from some types of cancer by up to 35%. It also has an effect on heart disease and diabetes.
For this study, laboratory models (animals) trained under a strict exercise regimen were combined with data from healthy human volunteers examined before and after running. Data on 3,000 humans indicated 72% less metastatic cancer in participants who reported regular high-intensity aerobic activity compared to those who did not exercise.
The animal model showed a similar result, allowing the researchers to identify its underlying mechanism. They found that aerobic activity significantly reduced the development of metastatic tumors in the lymph nodes, lungs and liver of the animals.
Researchers explain that when a person exercises regularly, this condition becomes permanent: the tissues of the internal organs change and become similar to muscle tissue. “We all know that sports and physical exercise are good for our health. “Our study, by examining internal organs, found that exercise changes the entire body, so the cancer cannot spread, and the primary tumor also shrinks.”
It is necessary to clarify that this study refers to high-intensity aerobic activity as a tool to help prevent cancer, and is not the same as activity to burn fat, which is more moderate. The researchers point out that, if burning fat requires being in a range of 65-70% of the maximum pulse rate, burning sugar requires being in the range of 80-85%, even if only for short intervals of time.
HIIT is a short workout, usually lasting no more than 30 minutes. It is performed by alternating bursts of fast, intense exercises with short recovery periods.


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