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Food combinations that can damage our stomach

Food combinations that can damage our stomach

Many people enjoy combining flavors and different textures within the same meal.

Although it may seem like a small thing, there are several combinations of foods that are harmful to our stomach and digestion, in addition to making us feel heavy, with heartburn and gastric reflux.

No matter the time or how rushed we are, it is very important to think correctly about the foods we are about to consume if we want to take care of our digestive system and, of course, maintain a healthy weight.

If lately you have been suffering from bloating, a feeling of heaviness or stomach pains after each meal, today we tell you which food combinations you should avoid to protect the health of your stomach.

Benefits of combining foods correctly

Combining the indicated foods is of great help to improve digestion and the health of the body in general:

  • Many combinations ferment foods inside the stomach. Avoiding this will help us prevent stomach pain, gas and a feeling of bloating.
  • We will have more energy thanks to the fact that we will produce fewer toxins.
  • We will prevent heartburn.
  • The immune system will be strengthened, thanks to the fact that the absorption of nutrients will be more effective.
  • We will control our weight effectively.

Food combinations to avoid

Proteins and carbohydrates

  • The breakdown of each of these foods requires the complete utilization of alkaline and acidic gastric juices.
  • When mixed, they neutralize each other and create a bomb for the stomach, interfering with normal digestion.
  • Each one requires a different time and way to digest. If we interrupt this natural process, stomach pains, indigestion and heartburn occur.

Two proteins

  • Mixing two proteins in a single meal creates an extremely heavy combination for the stomach, extending digestion time by up to double.
  • The longer it takes to process a meal, the more the digestive system is compromised and the more energy is lost.
  • Therefore, it is not advisable to mix fish with red meat or chicken in the same meal.

Starches with proteins

  • Both ingredients do not generate a feeling of fullness, which is why they tend to be consumed in larger quantities, which slows down the digestive process.
  • Starch ferments inside the stomach and proteins break down and putrefy, filling the intestine with gas and generating a feeling of heaviness.
  • The best option to counteract carbohydrate enzymes and protein enzymes is by adding leaves or starchy green vegetables to your food.
  • A lettuce or watercress salad is excellent to reduce the side effects of the mixture.

Starchy sugar

  • When introducing a morsel full of sugar combined with starch, the saliva expelled during chewing lacks ptyalin, which causes a delay in the digestion of the starch long before it reaches the stomach.
  • When this happens, the sugar falls directly into our stomach until we can digest the starch, causing its fermentation.
  • When sugars ferment, acids are created, which further interfere with the digestion of starches.

Fat with sugar

  • Believe it or not, sugar is much easier to digest than fats, which is why, if they are mixed, the process slows down much more than usual.
  • Foods such as sweet bread, ice cream and milk-based shakes are the number 1 enemies of digestion.
  • Smoothies with cow's milk mixed with fruits such as banana are one of the worst combinations, since they will generate gas, heaviness and more toxins that are harmful to our body.
  • It is also not a very good option to mix acidic fruits with dairy products, such as yogurt or milk, since they alter digestion and our immune system, causing cough, nasal congestion and allergies.

Combine fruits

  • The best option to consume fruits is to do so without combining any other food.
  • The sugar contained in fruits helps accelerate the fermentation of food, which would cause indigestion and poor absorption of vitamins and minerals.

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