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Anxiety, 3 Reasons to Use CBD Oil 🍁

Anxiety, 3 Reasons to Use CBD Oil

People who suffer from anxiety experience some sensations such as fear, worries, they feel that something is going to go wrong and they will be the ones who will suffer the consequences.

Although anxiety does not cause death, it is something that makes the person who suffers from it suffer a lot. Furthermore, it is noticeable: those who suffer from this look haggard, tired, depressed, etc.

On the other hand, anxiety manifests itself in many ways in your body, and not all of them have to do with your mental state.

Being anxious all the time also has physical consequences, and recognizing and understanding them is the first step to solving the problem.

How is Anxiety Defined?

Anxiety is a physiological or psychological state capable of affecting the complete integrity of a person: behavior, mood, emotions, cognitive processes and can even cause physical manifestations. Anxiety is usually known as a feeling of worry or fear, which brings stress and discomfort.

In normal situations, this feeling of anxiety is a direct natural reaction derived from external stimuli classified as stressful or negative, capable of producing the sensations already mentioned. However, there comes a point at which these sensations become uncontrollable, even in extreme cases producing paranoia.

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chest pains

When you have an anxiety attack, adrenaline rushes, and that makes your heart beat faster.

Shortness of breath

Anxiety causes difficulty breathing, this is because your body is in “fight or flight” mode and that causes you to become more aware of your breathing and, therefore, have trouble doing it well.

Muscle pain

Anxiety produces tension, what tenses are your muscles and that makes you feel pain similar to when you push yourself too hard in the gym.

Tingling in the skin

It is generally on the face, hands, arms and legs. It is because in this accelerated state, the blood moves faster, causing a feeling of numbness in less important areas.

Temperature changes

Being anxious also increases your temperature, that is because you are in an altered state and that causes the changes.


With anxiety you have a significant release of adrenaline, which makes your heart beat faster, increasing your blood pressure causing dizziness.


All that worry and pressure increases your stress level, and that's going to give you a bad headache.

Sleeping problems

Being worried plays with your mind and your sleeping patterns, causing you to be unable to rest and fall asleep.

New Evidence for the Use of Cannabidiol Against Anxiety

Cannabidiol has a pharmacological spectrum widely demonstrated in recent years, evoking an increase in interest in research into its effectiveness against different current neurological disorders.

  • Its non-psychotropic effects
  • The high tolerability presented in patients and animal models (in vitro studies)
  • Anxiolytic properties dependent on large dose concentrations strongly suggest that the use of this phytocannabinoid could be feasible for the treatment or management of neurological disorders such as anxiety.

Therapeutic Relevance of Cannabidiol Against Anxiety

As with any drug or medication, one of the main aspects of the pharmacological effects that must be studied are its safety and tolerance, CBD appears very well tolerated in very high dose ranges in human studies, reaching concentrations such as 1500 mg/day orally, without reporting effects that affect motor functions, negative effects on mood and other abnormalities at a physiological level.

On the other hand, the anxiolytic effects of CBD are reported in a study, which concludes:

“CBD is a safe compound with a wide range of therapeutic applications, including the treatment of psychiatric disorders. "These discoveries make this drug an attractive candidate for future clinical trials."

Other studies conclude that the use of CBD in chronic conditions still requires further research, specifically, to determine the appropriate concentrations for CBD to produce its anxiolytic effect.

The research protocols in humans support the conclusions and results obtained in animal models, whether in vitro or in vivo, once again concentrated in high doses of said molecule as an analysis method for the treatment of this disorder.

Conclusions on Medicinal Cannabis (CBD) and its Anxiolytic Effect

Thanks to the results found in different research protocols around the world, there is growing acceptance within the regulatory and bureaucratic framework for the use of therapeutic alternatives based on cannabinoids.

Much remains to be investigated and known about the potential and complex mechanisms of action within other types of models of conditions and disorders of these molecules. As research is encouraged with larger clinical trials, the bad reputation of this plant and its cannabinoids is also being removed.

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