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Why is October breast cancer month?

Why is October breast cancer month?

The first event to raise awareness about this type of cancer was held in Texas in 1989; It is about bringing the information for timely detection to more people.

Because of this disease, around 458 thousand people die each year in the world.

Breast cancer affects both men and women worldwide, October is the month chosen to redouble the efforts made in the fight against breast cancer.

How did they decide that it was that and not another month of the year?

It all started in Texas, United States, when the Race for the Cure was held for the first time, this in October 1983, and since then, the event continues to be held there and in other parts of the world, it can be said that This was the first activity that took to the streets to promote awareness about the timely detection of breast cancer.

While the pink ribbon that identifies the fight was recognized for the first time during a sports race in New York, held in the fall of 1991, the idea is attributed to representatives of the Susan G. Komen Foundation, this as a way in reference to the victims of this type of cancer.

The relevance of reducing the number of victims from this condition lies in the fact that worldwide, breast cancer is considered one of the main causes of death.

In 2014, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported that around 1.38 million new cases are detected annually, while another 458 thousand people lose their lives due to this disease.


The intention of having an entire month of awareness about breast cancer is to increase the attention of men and women around the topic, especially to help them know how to detect it in a timely manner, learn about the treatment and also to keep in mind What are the care after the treatment of said disease.

Did you know ?

Breast cancer is a malignant proliferation of the epithelial cells that line the breast ducts or lobules.

The most common manifestation that helps detect cancer is the appearance of a lump (palpable nodule) that generally does not cause pain. Other common symptoms are changes in the skin of the breast or retraction of the nipple.

Self-examination and mammograms (X-ray images that detect abnormal areas of the breast) are the most useful tools for finding suspicious lumps in the breast.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), breast cancer is diagnosed somewhere in the world every 30 seconds. In Mexico it is the second cause of mortality in women between 20 and 59 years old.

Although there are permanent campaigns to prevent the disease, October 19 is about raising awareness of the importance of early detection. and if more measures are not adopted, an increase to more than 4 million new cases and 1.9 million deaths from cancer is expected by 2025.

Preventing, diagnosing, treating and controlling breast cancer is a health priority throughout the world and Industrial Property is no stranger to this condition.

Take care of yourself and constantly check your health!

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