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5 health consequences of not sleeping well

What is insomnia? – Interactive Health | Blog

Sleeping well is essential to enjoy good health, combined with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

As a result of hectic lifestyles, many adults say they sleep between four and five hours a day, which undoubtedly harms their health.

There are three elements that are considered necessary to sleep well:

  • Duration: between 7 and 8 hours
  • Continuity: rest without interruptions
  • Depth: enough to be restorative

If there is sleep deprivation, there is a much higher risk of suffering from diabetes, depression, cardiovascular diseases, among other conditions.

Some ways it can affect health:

  • Poor nutrition

People who sleep poorly also tend to eat poorly. A study indicates that more than a third of people who sleep little eat poorly.

  • mental damage

There is a correlation between little sleep and mental, emotional and physical disorders.

The above creates a vicious circle, since if you have mental problems, you will sleep little and vice versa. This will cause the feeling of well-being to decrease more and more.

  • Accident risks

When you do not rest adequately, there is a greater likelihood of suffering accidents of all kinds.

For example, a large majority of collisions have to do with lack of sleep, as drivers fall asleep.

  • Limited physical performance

If you don't fall asleep at night, you will hardly have enough energy to perform during the day. To carry out our activities, it is essential to fall asleep properly.

  • Low cognitive ability

During the night, a regeneration of brain and physical tissues occurs. If the process is interrupted, there will be problems such as memory and learning.

Do not underestimate sleeping well, now you know that it is vital to achieve comprehensive health.


"Because prevention is better than cure"

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