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11 benefits that you will receive if you consume pineapple 🍍

11 benefits that you will receive if you consume pineapple

Pineapple is a very popular tropical fruit throughout the world, also known as pineapple. Due to its delicious sweet flavor, for years it has been used in the preparation of various dishes, as well as drinks or desserts, among other preparations.

Although they almost always choose it for its flavor and versatility, it is also good to consider that it is a source of nutrients, the only fruit being with bromelain, an enzyme that facilitates digestive processes and has anti-inflammatory power.

It is estimated that 85% of its composition is water and it provides vitamins A and C, potassium, phosphorus, calcium and fiber. Thanks to the effects it has when ingested, pineapple is valued as a delicious medicinal food.

On this occasion we are going to reveal those 11 important benefits that are obtained by including it in the diet regularly.

1. It has diuretic action.

Its high water content added to fiber and potassium gives it a diuretic effect, effective in controlling fluid retention problems.

By stimulating the elimination of water from the tissues, its consumption supports weight loss diets and prevents chronic diseases such as arthritis, gout and stones.

2. Fight free radicals.

Its antioxidant compounds fight against free radicals in the environment, thus preventing any type of cellular damage.

Due to such an important action in the body, its intake supports the prevention of:

  • Atherosclerosis.
  • Cardiovascular diseases.
  • Arthritis and gout.
  • Different types of cancer.

3. Reduces the risk of hypertension.

Hypertension is one of the cardiovascular problems that most attack people, even without them knowing it.

One of the ways to combat it and reduce the risk of suffering from it is by consuming a significant amount of potassium and a minimum of sodium.

In this sense, pineapple is ideal, since one cup provides around 1 mg of sodium and 195 mg of potassium.

4. Improves digestion.

Many digestive problems can be alleviated with the consumption of pineapple, thanks to the fiber and enzymes it provides to the body.

On the one hand, fiber supports intestinal movement to combat constipation and, on the other, enzymes facilitate digestion for proper absorption of nutrients.

In addition, it is good for maintaining the balance of the bacterial flora and its anti-inflammatory action prevents swelling.

5. Strengthens the immune system.

Vitamin C and bromelain strengthen the immune system to improve the body's response against infections caused by viruses and bacteria.

Apparently, bromelain acts as a natural anticoagulant and produces positive changes in white blood cells, increasing defenses.

Pineapple helps keep bones strong

6. Strong bones.

Many cannot imagine how beneficial pineapple juice is for bone health. This fruit is a source of magnesium, an essential mineral for the proper absorption of calcium. One cup can provide up to 75% of the magnesium required per day.

7. Healthy teeth.

Due to the action of vitamin C, eating this fruit can also help eliminate the bacterial plaque that accumulates on the teeth and, therefore, is good for avoiding gum and tooth diseases.

8. Improves skin health.

The enzymes it contains make the skin more elastic and firm. In addition, it hydrates it naturally and prevents early signs of aging.

Its topical application stimulates the elimination of dead cells and reduces spots and expression lines.

9. Maintains eye health.

Its antioxidants, especially beta-carotenes, help maintain eye health and prevent macular degeneration.

10. Helps lose weight.

Thinking about losing weight? Pineapple can become the best ally to achieve the goal in less time.

Its fiber helps control appetite and prevents excessive consumption of sugars, carbohydrates and fat.

In addition, it supports the detoxification of the body to eliminate waste substances and improve the rate of metabolism.

11. Protect the heart.

Free radicals can become potential causes of atherosclerosis, circulation problems and cholesterol.

By helping to fight these harmful molecules and reducing fluid retention in the tissues, frequent intake of pineapple could also prevent different heart diseases.

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