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What types of pain can CBD treat? 🍁

What types of pain can CBD treat?

Cannabidiol (CBD) can be used to relieve different types of pain. The compound is known to effectively reduce inflammation and general discomfort associated with many health conditions.

Studies on CBD oil and pain management have shown positive results, explaining the benefits of the compound when used as a pain reliever. Using cannabidiol for chronic pain could offer a natural alternative for people who do not want to use habit-forming, opiate-like medications. Although more research on the topic of chronic pain is always welcomed, there is a sufficient amount of evidence to suggest that CBD may be a suitable treatment.

How does CBD work to treat pain?

CBD oil is a product derived and processed from cannabis, but it does not have the known psychoactive properties of marijuana. CBD oil has been proven to have medicinal properties and has helped many people reduce their pain and inflammation. It has properties that help deal with stress and anxiety.

This is great for people who need help combating issues like depression and mood swings.

Research has found that CBD oil has been very helpful in treating chronic pain as it attaches to certain receptors in the body and reduces pain by producing its effect on that particular part of the body.

The human body also produces cannabinoids on its own, CB1 and CB2 receptors, in the brain and body respectively. CB1 receptors in the brain control factors such as emotions, thinking, appetite, movement, pain and memories. While CB2 receptors control the body's immune system. The use of CBD oil influences the human body to grow more of its own cannabinoids.

Some people use prescription medications to relieve chronic pain, but CBD oil offers natural pain relief and relaxes muscles. So it can even relieve muscle pain in the body.

What types of pain can CBD treat?

Chronic pain.

Chronic pain is severe pain in a particular part of the body that troubles a person for a long period of time. To be exact, chronic pain is any pain that lasts in the body for a period of 12 weeks.

There are no particular reasons as to what is causing this pain, there are several possibilities. For example, an injury, back sprain, sleep disorder, etc., can be contributing factors to chronic pain. These pains are severe and limit the person's movement, thus causing discomfort. Chronic pain should not be neglected, as if left untreated for a long time, it could even lead to disability in the future.

There is no technology as such to measure chronic pain and diagnose the location or reason for the pain. So the person suffering from pain has to guide the doctors. Recent events show that CBD has been very helpful in curing this type of pain.

Menstrual pain.

Women know how bad and painful menstrual cramps can be and it would be a blessing to have a reliable cure for them. Some women suffer from it so much that they have to constantly resort to medication to relieve the pain.

Studies show that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties by sending messages to your body to reduce the production of prostaglandins responsible for inflammation and pain. This is important for women who have menstrual cramps because research shows that menstrual cramps are likely caused by acute inflammation.

Regardless of how exactly it works, several studies have shown that CBD oil has anti-inflammatory effects. On the plus side, CBD products are used to treat depression and PMS is thought to be associated with serotonin imbalances. Therefore, with the right CBD oil you can set yourself up to experience less cramps and pain, as well as fewer mood swings and depressive disorders.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of CBD for menstrual cramps, read our article here


Migraines are a severe headache often caused by stress or a simple cold. It varies in intensity and it is necessary to resort to analgesics to reduce the pain. Migraines are generally located on one side of the head and can make the person feel irritated by sound and light, often causing nausea.

Chronic migraines can also permanently damage the brain. In 2004, renowned scientist Dr. Ethan Russo developed the opinion that migraine may also be caused by a lack of endocannabinoids and that plant cannabinoids, including cannabidiol, could act as a natural substitute for the body's own cannabinoids. Using CBD oil could also reduce the side effects of migraine, and CBD oil does not contain psychoactive substances. Migraine is also caused by low serotonin levels and CBD can help increase them. Additionally, the calming effect of CBD oil can provide relief to the body.

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Arthritic pain.

Arthritis is a condition of the joints and causes severe pain in the body. This condition causes inflammation and worsens with age. Among the many symptoms of arthritis, pain and swelling stand out. Aside from inflammation, it also causes stiffness and reduces body movement. People resort to physiotherapy, medication and in severe cases undergo surgery to relieve the pain caused by it.

The two most common types of arthritis are rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis causes joint stiffness and swelling of the hands and feet. Osteoarthritis affects the articular cartilage and bones. It usually affects the knees, hips, and thumb joints.

This is because inflammation causes pain and CBD, as mentioned above, has anti-inflammatory properties. Cannabinoids are being investigated as an effective treatment for autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. CBD oil is made from natural substances and has no known harmful effects on the brain.

Symptoms related to cancer.

Cancer is something that everyone fears. Different types of cancer come with different symptoms, however, excessive and uncomfortable pain is almost always present. CBD oil helps reduce pain symptoms, making them more manageable. It may also help relieve nausea as a result of chemotherapy.

Medical treatment is essential. In consultation with the treating doctor, CBD oil can be taken to accompany pain therapy. Using CBD oil at an early stage could reduce cancer-related complaints: CBD oil seems to have great potential in the treatment of pain.


Inflammation is a reaction of the body's immune system that tries to protect itself from a harmful or damaged cell by trying to eliminate it. The signs and symptoms of inflammation may be unpleasant, but it is your body's way of protecting you against harmful stimuli.

CBD oil, due to its anti-inflammatory properties, may be a suitable way to combat inflammation.


Fibromyalgia causes a disorder in the musculoskeletal parts along with mood swings, fatigue and memory loss. It causes a lot of discomfort to the person suffering from this problem. There are no known reasons or research to align the benefits of CBD oil for this issue, but we can say that it relaxes the body, thus successfully relieving pain.

To close this post, CBD oil has many useful effects that people could benefit from. According to the studies cited, it may be beneficial in treating pain, inflammation, anxiety, migraine, nausea, cancer-related symptoms, muscle pain, etc.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of CBD, read our article here.

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