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Get ready to receive a relaxing massage

Daily stress with the tensions of work, worries about our family, home, bad posture or lack of rest are some of the causes that trigger muscle pain, so you surely need a relaxing massage!

These symptoms are signs that your body urgently needs rest and therapy to relieve it, which is why relaxing massages are a great option. In addition to relieving areas where tension accumulates, it increases blood circulation, which allows people to experience a lot of peace and tranquility.

Although most of us like to experience a good massage, the truth is that not all people are knowledgeable about the required procedures or human anatomy. We want to share with you some tips on how to prepare to receive it from the experts and make the most of it.

Necessary preparation

Because they are purely sensitive, in addition to the sense of touch, other factors influence us and make us feel much more relaxed.

  • The first thing to consider if you want to enhance the feeling of tranquility, is to work on the setting: dim lighting, instrumental music, preferably without voice because it can distract us, as well as spraying a soft fragrance around the room or through candles. and incense
  • Another aspect that must be considered to give a good massage is to consider the materials we need: towels, napkins, cream or essential oils.
  • Take postures into account during therapy to avoid health problems. Although the most common thing is for this to be done lying face down, there are others that are also done, the important thing is that you are comfortable!

What parts of my body need the most attention?

The cervical area and shoulders are undoubtedly the parts that appreciate it the most, since this is where many of our emotions are concentrated. It is best to apply the oil and spread it with elongated movements. For the kneading or pressing technique, circles must be made carefully with your fingers. The movements when massaging should always go upwards to go in the same direction as the blood flow that goes to the heart.


"Because prevention is better than cure"

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