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Why should we take minerals?

Naturist Wholesale. The consumption of minerals with a correct combination is necessary for the proper functioning of the nervous, cardiovascular, muscles and bones systems.

Why take minerals?

The consumption of minerals with a correct combination is necessary for the proper functioning of the nervous, cardiovascular, muscles and bones systems. The minerals They allow the body to perform its functions, including producing energy, growing and healing.

The body must maintain a correct chemical balance. This balance depends on the level of the different minerals in the body and especially on the proportion between some of them. The level of each mineral in the body influences all the others, so if one is unbalanced, all the others are affected.

What are minerals used for in the body?

There are different minerals, but several studies affirm that these are the most important so that your body does not suffer from imbalances - you avoid triggering any disease, such as depression, chronic fatigue, mood changes, generalized body pain and cramps.


It has been considered by scientists to be the most important mineral for the heart. More than 300 different enzymes in the body depend on the mineral, but about 80 of all people do not consume adequate amounts. It is a mineral whose primary function is to normalize blood pressure, keeps teeth and bones strong as it is essential for the absorption of calcium, protects the lining of the arteries, balances the body's pH. Its deficiency causes nervousness, irritability and muscle weakness.


It helps maintain the body's water balance during excessive fluid loss, and it also acts together with sodium and chloride to improve muscle contraction and relaxation; It also prevents acidosis and alkalosis of the body. Regulates blood pressure and heartbeat. Fatigue, weakness and dry skin may be the most common indicators of a potassium need.


It is a mineral that mainly helps strengthen bones and teeth, regulates the heartbeat during exercise, therefore it also lowers blood pressure and lowers cholesterol. This mineral activates an enzyme called lipase that is responsible for breaking down fats. Its deficiency can cause joint pain, brittle nails, hypertension, insomnia, nervousness, hardening of the arms and legs, arthritis, high cholesterol and tooth decay.


It is a very useful mineral that helps in the production of certain hormones that help growth. This mineral is essential for the functioning of the prostate and for the development of reproductive organs. Zinc helps carbohydrate and lipid metabolism; It also strengthens the immune system, responsible for the body's defenses. Underconsumption around the world threatens to emerge as a true public health crisis.


It is a vital antioxidant, it protects the immune system. It has been found to prevent certain types of tumors, maintain heart and liver health. Its deficiency has been linked to cancer and some heart diseases, exhaustion, impaired growth, infections, high levels of cholesterol, liver disorders, pancreatic insufficiency and sterility.


Iron is a mineral necessary for the growth and development of the body. It is the most abundant trace element in the body, it is a component of hemoglobin responsible for transporting oxygen from the lungs to different parts of the body. Iron is also essential in the production of hormones and connective tissues.

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