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My big toe hurts, what could it be?

Any pain can be very uncomfortable but pain in the big toe, in addition to being uncomfortable, can interfere with our daily routine . Walking may increase the discomfort and even balance may be affected. There are even pains in the finger that prevent you from resting because you cannot even feel the touch of a sheet or a shoe.

The causes of pain in the big toe can be several . Some are easy to understand, such as a blow or wound, but if there is no known and visible cause, going to a specialist will always be the best option to rule out health problems that require some type of treatment.

Blow or injuries

It is perhaps the most common cause of finger pain. Most of the time we know how to identify the blow that caused the pain or injury and, probably, it is not necessary to pay much more attention to it.

It may also happen that the wound does not heal properly, mainly if we have other diseases, in which case we should go to our specialist as soon as possible.

Joint injuries

Our daily routine, the movements we make and the shoes we wear can cause some injuries to the joint .

In case of joint injuries, it may be something specific and can be resolved without further ado, but it is advisable to go to a professional if the pain does not disappear in a day or two. Maintaining a joint injury for a long time without treatment can hinder the recovery process and cause more discomfort.


If we feel pain in our big toe that gets worse even when something rubs against the toe, it may be gout.

Gout is the accumulation of crystallized uric acid in the joints, with the toe being the first affected. These crystals cause pain in the finger and any friction increases it.

If we suspect that it may be the cause of our pain, we should go to the doctor so that he can give us dietary guidelines to avoid gout and some treatment for the pain.

Ingrown toenails

Another very common cause of pain in the fingers is the presence of ingrown toenails. It occurs when a part of the nail enters the soft tissue of the finger, causing pain, redness and inflammation. In some cases, and mainly if it is not resolved in time, they can cause an infection in the finger itself caused by the wound.


Bunions are bony lumps that grow on the inner side of the toe and cause quite a bit of pain.


Fractures can occur in any bone and can be caused by a blow or repetitive microtrauma.

The problem with finger fractures is that, since it is a small bone and does not move as visibly as others, we can doubt the cause and think that the pain is due to a sprain or a blow that is not we remember.


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