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Emotions and their effects on the body

The nature of emotions

Emotions are inherent to us and have a great impact on behavior, learning and, above all, health. Scientific contributions link feelings and the body's organs; Every day there are more studies that support the idea that “emotions and our body relate and interact with each other.”

Our feelings release chemical reactions that can alter the immune response and the functioning of the different organs and systems of our body on a physical and mental level (Ortega Navas, 2014). Sensations can protect us from diseases or, on the contrary, trigger them.

Optimism, happiness and love can be beneficial; They help us cope with adversity and difficulties and even recover more quickly from an illness. The opposite happens with fear, hatred, depression, rage, anger and stress, which create a kind of “barrier” that does not allow our natural defenses to act. An example is the case of depression, which can exacerbate heart disease.

An interesting fact is that the impact of emotions considered “good” for our health is minimal when compared to how harmful “bad” emotions can be for our well-being. It is believed that the problems caused to our body can be prevented, even cured if we learn to channel them.

According to the Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine (SEMFYC), the reaction to certain situations is different in each individual, since there are those who, faced with an excess of emotional burden, have physical problems (headaches or digestive disorders), cognitive problems (excessive worry, obsessions). ) or behavioral (addictions). Therefore, there are different types of alarm symptoms for each person.

It can be concluded that, while emotions considered positive are a benefit for our health, since they improve our immune system and quality of life and even facilitate recovery from diseases (Ortega Navas, 2014), emotions classified as negative They affect it to the extent of making us more prone to suffer from diseases, such as those of a degenerative brain type such as Alzheimer's, high blood pressure, heart disease and even cancer.

Psychological factors constitute an important element to understand bodily ailments.


"Because prevention is better than cure"

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