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Benefits of waking up at 5 AM

The reason why clock alarms repeat every 9 minutes and that you probably didn't know - BBC News World

A great way to start the day

Do you know the 5:00 am club? This is a lifestyle in which the days start exactly at five in the morning, there is no such thing as “snoozing the alarm.” This, after having achieved a rest of between six and seven hours at night.

The first thing you have to do when you wake up is sweat! Do some training that activates you for the whole day; followed by a moment of reflection in which you can give order to your day, express your feelings in a journal, give thanks and pray or meditate. Afterwards, take a moment to read or study something that will help you grow and develop. These three activities must be done within the first hour after waking up:

  • 20 minutes to move
  • 20 minutes to reflect
  • 20 minutes to grow

You may spend more time on some of these, and that's okay, the important thing is to have finished them by 6:00 am. This time is known as "the golden hour", since most people are asleep and you will have the opportunity to enjoy your day without interruptions. Some benefits of this “golden hour” are:

  • Better focus and productivity
  • Your brain will be optimized
  • More energy, less stress
  • You will really know your positive attitude
  • Creative development
  • Better professional performance
  • Personal growth
  • Greater inspiration
  • You will see a positive economic impact

It sounds crazy, but once you try it it will become your healthy lifestyle!


"Because prevention is better than cure"

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