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Cold water to revitalize

7 surprising benefits of showering with cold water every morning

Taking a bath when we wake up is something that fills us with emotion and energy, but doing it with cold water has multiple benefits that you should know about, from now on it will become your best ally!

It activates you for the day , this is a clear effect of showering with cold water, the thermal receptors in the skin send a message to the neurons and other organs to wake up because your body always tries to stay at an average temperature.

It improves circulation, low temperatures cause the body to generate contractions, this activates the lymphatic system and eliminates toxins that the blood carries.

Accelerates metabolism, You force the body to move to maintain a healthy temperature, thus burning some calories and waking up the stomach.

Activates the immune system, This translates into the prevention of diseases, all the previous benefits are connected because this strengthening of defenses is a consequence of a good metabolism and excellent circulatory system. It will make you resistant to adversity.

Helps you sleep well In addition to being an excellent tool to improve your mood, a bath with cold water relaxes accumulated tensions, relaxes you during the day and improves the quality of sleep, you will notice the difference!


"Because prevention is better than cure"

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