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6 bad habits that ruin your diet 🥗 and prevent you from losing weight 😕

The 6 bad habits that ruin your diet and prevent you from losing weight.

Eating until you “clean your plate,” in front of the television or in a hurry, are bad habits that are easy to acquire and difficult to break, especially if you have been practicing them your entire life. Maybe they are responsible for you not being able to lose weight. Even if it costs you, you should make an effort to change them so that the next habit you acquire is to buy clothes in a much smaller size.

You do it without realizing it or you simply skip a meal if you have something urgent to do, consoling yourself that you will eat later. Then don't complain that you can't lose weight! You will see how those extra kilos disappear once you correct these negative habits.

1. Eat at full speed.

Those who eat without stopping between bites tend to eat more and that means more calories. To replace this bad habit, first resolve to turn lunch or dinner into an enjoyable experience. “Dress up” the table, even if it is with a simple placemat, beautiful tableware and your best cutlery. After all, there is no other diner more important than you. Take your time to savor each bite. When you chew slowly, the brain has more time to register the feeling of satiety. The idea is to feel full with less food.

2. Eat while you are distracted by other activities.

In front of the computer or checking email. If you are not focused on the fundamental activity of eating, you will surely eat more than you should. Replace that bad habit by serving yourself only once and paying attention to the portions. Learn to divide your plate into sections to incorporate proteins, grains, fruits and vegetables, in moderate amounts. Avoid sitting down to eat in front of the television or computer while your mind “flies”.

3. Eat to relieve stress or kill boredom.

Eat or snack only when you are hungry. If you feel anxious and need to eat something to calm your nerves, have a healthy snack (yogurt, or fruit) on hand. Place a piggy bank on your desk (or an envelope in one of your kitchen drawers). Every time you can overcome a craving or one of these false urges, place a bill or coin as a reward. This way you can buy something that you really like and you will have an incentive to encourage you and help you overcome temptations.

4. Clean the plate.

Many people continue eating until they finish every last grain even when they feel full. And many of us have been taught since we were little that it is bad to waste food. And since throwing away food is actually not good, be careful and don't serve yourself more than you're going to eat! Even if you love the dish and it is your favorite, remember that moderation when serving yourself is what will allow you to lose weight without going hungry or depriving yourself of your favorite foods.

5. Always eat meat as a main dish.

Meat is an excellent source of protein, but it is not the only one. Decrease how often you eat or substitute other sources, such as soy or beans, several times a week. You can also reduce the quantity: serve yourself a hearty mixed salad with pieces of grilled chicken or meat.

6. Skipping meals.

If you do, you alter the body's ability to control appetite and slow down the metabolism. The results: eating more or on impulse, and a slower metabolism that burns fewer calories. Distribute your food into three meals and two snacks. The total daily calories you should consume (depends on your age, height, sex, and activity level).

Get in the habit of planning your meals, either in the morning or the night before, so you don't have to improvise during the day and make mistakes.

Many times, we do things automatically, without thinking or realizing that they harm us, such as the bad habits we have listed. If you change them little by little, you will transform the way you eat, you will lose weight and reduce your measurements. Do the test!

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