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Health advantages of returning to routine

January is synonymous with returning to routine, work, studies... and also the so-called ' post-vacation depression' , that sadness and discouragement that we feel when having to go back to work after the December holidays. However, even if after the first early morning of the season we are unable to see it, returning to the routine has many advantages, especially for our health, both physical and mental. Let's look at some of them.

We eat healthier and drink less alcohol

On vacation, what we usually leave for weekends or special occasions during the rest of the year becomes habitual: a beer or wine in the middle of the afternoon, an ice cream for dessert, the snack we take to the beach or the pool, an outdoor barbecue, nights out and drinks... All of these things, if we do them in moderation or sporadically, have no impact on our health, but they do if we do them regularly, as usually happens on vacation. Returning to routine will help us abandon - or leave for the weekends - unhealthy habits and resume healthy ones, so important for maintaining long-term health.

Back to exercising

Although there are people who take advantage of them to practice their favorite sports, the most common thing is that during vacations we are more sedentary and we also abandon the routine of going to the gym or scheduled classes.

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