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Armpit detox and switch to natural deodorants

Getting rid of the chemicals you've been a victim of for years doesn't sound like an easy job.

Detoxification is a normal response of the body when it stops receiving all the toxins that are basically components that are of no use to the body, and even harm it, at this moment it has a little respite and begins to eliminate all this. What not many people know is that this process is not the easiest to live through, but it is totally worth it to give a little love to your body that has received such toxic things for so long: when you are detoxified you will not go back to want back

Why switch to natural deodorants?

Commercial (and non-natural) deodorants generally have additives that block sweat, and are stored in the sebaceous glands, some of these are: aluminum (do not confuse it with alum stone), phthalates, propylene glycol, formaldehyde, parabens, antibacterial substances , among others that are known to have carcinogenic effects, hormone disruptors, interfere with the immune system and cause allergies, among other things that no one wants to cause to themselves.

The two crucial advantages of detoxification are that you will basically be free of toxins (as much as possible, and at least in this area) and your body will be able to function normally (sometimes you realize this when you are already we have health problems), and the other, that the adjustment period to natural deodorants is going to be shorter.

The process

Some people last a month in this process, others don't even realize it, and some last a little longer, it is never the same: this depends on your body, and we are all quite different, what happens to almost all of us is that we are going to smell a little bad (especially in the first 2 weeks), while all these toxins leave our body, so don't panic, this is normal and is even good, look at it as an investment in your future health.

In the first week your body will feel the withdrawal of the antiperspirant you have been using: in the United States, antiperspirants are considered over-the-counter medications. If you have been using one of these since your pre-adolescence: believe me, your body depended on it, and now it is going to enter a kind of withdrawal crisis, in which you may sweat a lot and smell something bad. Generally at this stage many people give up and say that natural deodorants don't work, but it is your body that is acting unnaturally, and you are getting it used to natural again, give it some time to get used to it.

The second week can be the worst for many people, as the bacteria population (corynebacterium, especially) will be booming, you will also sweat a lot, as this is the body's natural way of getting rid of toxins. By week 3 and 4 this should begin to gradually decrease, beginning to normalize after the month (although for some people it may last a little longer, since all bodies and metabolisms are not in the same state).

You can start using a natural deodorant during the process, which will work for you after the detox normally, during the detox you can reapply it several times a day, washing your armpits with water.

Tips to go through the process a little faster and painlessly

  • You can apply water of roses to help your skin level the pH, thus, the bacteria will evacuate and it will not generate a bad odor.
  • Drink plenty of water during those days.
  • Exercise (the kind that makes you sweat)
  • Good nutrition.
  • Wear clothes that allow your skin to breathe.
  • Remember to exfoliate, do not let the product accumulate on your skin, because it may appear to stain your skin, and many times it is some accumulated oil or dust.

This will speed up the process naturally and help neutralize odor-causing bacteria.

Many people do not believe in "detoxes" but we must consider that we no longer live in an organic world, without pollutants, and the body does not know this: it only receives the toxins and stores them, sometimes hindering natural processes. That's why it's good to give your body a chance to cleanse itself or 'do what it normally would do' from time to time. Also, there are some studies where it is indicated that the use of antiperspirant and aluminum deodorants may have a higher risk of cancer.

Recommendations for natural deodorants

  • Fragrance Free: Coconut Oil, Baking Soda, Beeswax, Cornstarch, Caprylic Triglyceride, Vitamin E.
  • Tea Tree - Lavender: Coconut oil, Baking soda, Beeswax, Cornstarch, Caprylic triglyceride, Vitamin E, Lavender essential oil and Tea tree essential oil.
  • Bergamot - Lemon: Coconut oil, Baking soda, Beeswax, Cornstarch, Caprylic triglyceride, Vitamin E, Lemon essential oil and Bergamot essential oil.


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