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Blue spirulina: what is it and what benefits does it have?

Spirulina is a type of algae considered a superfood by the World Health Organization. It is an essential component to combat malnutrition in the world and, for this reason, NASA astronauts have used this diet since the 1980s, long before this ingredient became popular.

Blue spirulina has properties antioxidants, detoxifying, slimming and energizing . These properties help regulate and optimize the functioning of the body and give you a better lifestyle. The properties of spirulina come from its high content of vitamin K, manganese, iron and antioxidants.

The way to use blue spirulina is diverse. Here you have the consumption options most common:

- In capsules . They are pills that are taken daily and have blue spirulina in a concentrated form.

- Powdered . This presentation is indicated to add to your recipes and load them with essential nutrients.

- In drink . Chlorophyll + Blue Spirulina is a concentrated liquid with ingredients of natural origin that has a delicious mint-peppermint flavor.

Benefits and uses of blue spirulina

Learn about the most notable benefits that this superfood brings us:

- Energizing . Being a food very rich in vitamins and minerals, blue spirulina is perfect for improving our energy and opting for stronger and more vital health. It is ideal for moments of fatigue, tiredness, weakness, etc.

- Detox . It is also a perfect food to purify the body and opt for a cleaner body without toxins. This effect is due to the high amount of chlorophyll, which is a component that helps us purify the body. It is used in the detox diet

- Satiating . Blue spirulina is also rich in fiber, a component that will help us reduce appetite naturally. Therefore, it is an ally for the Diets to lose weight.

- Antioxidant . Phycocyanin is an ingredient that helps us avoid cell aging and combat oxidation in the body. Therefore, it is an ally to reduce the risk of suffering from degenerative diseases.

- Ideal for eliminating stress . It is an extract very rich in magnesium and group B vitamins, making it highly indicated for avoid stress in the body, as well as tension, nerves or contractures.

- Fights anemia . Finally, another benefit of blue spirulina is that it is an ally for anemia. The reason is that it provides us with a very high iron content that will prevent this health condition.


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