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Maintain mental calm: Coronavirus

Maintain mental calm: Coronavirus
Much is being said and will continue to be said about the coronavirus, the virus that is to blame and responsible for the change that society is undergoing, both in the way we interact and in our daily routines. A situation that brings us closer to a reality that was unthinkable until very recently: teleworking, compulsive shopping, closure of schools, cancellation of trips, new stricter cleaning and disinfection protocols, reduction of any group leisure activities, overcrowding of hospitals and centers health, among others.

You turn on the television and they don't stop talking about it, you read the news online and the headlines constantly appear, you talk to people and you don't hear anything else...CORONAVIRUS, CORONAVIRUS and more CORONAVIRUS.

This whole situation is causing the person on the street, the ordinary citizen, to panic, lose their calm, their anxiety skyrockets, they are governed by uncontrollable and unmanageable excessive worry, problems falling asleep, irrational fears and obsess in an exacerbated and disproportionate way about their physical sensations, with the sole objective of protecting themselves from contagion.

But for people who also have certain diagnoses such as hypochondria, generalized anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder or other pathologies, the consequences can be even worse. In fact, it is very likely that this situation we are experiencing will become much more difficult for them.

Strategies to minimize the psychological impact of COVID-19

For all those people who, at this time of global crisis, feel anxious, are overwhelmed by not being able to leave the house or by the lack of contact with other people, we offer a series of strategies below.

These are exercises developed from the framework of positive psychology to enhance three personal strengths with the aim of alleviating this general feeling of anguish and worry.

1. Analysis

The strength of analysis predisposes people to process different sources of information, in addition to favoring the process of realizing, evaluating different aspects of a situation, recognizing patterns or deciding what type of information is useful or irrelevant for a given decision.

When this strength is very present in the person, it can be harmed in crisis situations, since it causes them to spend too much time ruminating and turning things over, reaching a blockage, without being able to move forward and generating a certain discomfort.


Restrict the input of information you receive from the news. You can be up to date, but watching the news for more than half an hour a day will not change anything. Try not to let your routine revolve around the coronavirus, the longer we talk about it, the more it is on our minds and the more unpleasant emotions it raises in us. And, above all, put a stop to anticipation, stay with what you are experiencing at each moment. We do not know for sure the evolution that will occur in each particular case, so it does not make sense for you to dedicate your psychological time to thinking about all the possible evils that may occur.

2. Harmony

The strength of harmony is essential in the most critical situations. It manifests itself as the ability to remain calm in the face of emotionally difficult situations, whether interpersonal situations or internal conflicts. For example, the coronavirus is a good opportunity.

If harmony is in balance in difficult moments, it is easier to maintain calm and serenity. Therefore, if the person feels overwhelmed and out of control, it is essential to address and work on this strength,


Take advantage now that you are at home to play audios to meditate and empty your mind of thoughts; Mindfulness is an effective tool to manage attention and regulate your emotions.

3. Positivity

The strength of positivity refers to the tendency to retain the good in present, past and future situations, focusing attention on the favorable elements of one's life experiences.


Make a diary on your cell phone or on a sheet of paper that you put on the refrigerator where every time you pass by you write down something that went well, something that you liked, that helps you keep it in mind and also focus your mind on the positive part; In this way, you will be able to balance the rest of the information you receive.

We encourage you to turn this experience into a development space from which to get something good. It will test you, that's for sure, both physically and emotionally, so taking care of your mind is also important.

Now, if you notice that your fear of what is happening is getting out of control or overwhelming you, that you are much more nervous than usual, that you are not able to manage it normally and that it affects your personal and work life, you can ask for help. a professional to work on it together and learn those strategies that you can implement in the face of this coronavirus crisis situation and others that may arise in the future.


"Because prevention is better than cure"

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