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The incredible benefits of consuming a green apple a day 🍏

The green apple is very beneficial for our digestive health, as it helps avoid indigestion, supports the absorption of nutrients and promotes intestinal movements.

The apple is a delicious and versatile fruit that for years has been a regular part of the diet of millions of people around the world. In all their varieties, green, red or yellow, they are an important source of phytonutrients, such as phenolic acid and flavonoids, which contribute to repairing cellular damage in the body.

However, in terms of other nutrients, the green apple is the one that leads, being the variety with the lowest number of calories and the highest number of vitamins and minerals.

This type of apple has been earning a very special place among the favorite fruits of many people around the world, since on several occasions it has been shown that they are a great support for the diet , especially for those who want to lose weight. .

Since many are still unaware of the amazing benefits of this delicious fruit, today we are going to share all its properties, so that there is no doubt about starting to eat it.

Rich in antioxidants

Green apples are one of the largest sources of flavonoids in the Western diet and also provide a significant contribution of vitamin C.

These antioxidant compounds play a very important role in health, being able to stop the action of free radicals on the body's cells.

The advantage of consuming them first thing in the day is that these molecules will begin to act immediately and will work to prevent damage for the rest of the day.

Consuming them daily is an excellent way to keep cells healthy , prevent premature aging and chronic diseases.


Without a doubt, it is a good option for those people who plan to lose a few kilos, since one piece provides only 80 calories and, due to its high fiber content, provides a feeling of satiety.

Of course, a single apple is not enough to lose significant weight; However, it is a way to activate the metabolism from the first hour of the day so that it works in optimal conditions during the day.

Regulates blood sugar

This benefit is of particular interest to those people who have been diagnosed with diabetes. Consuming one piece of this fruit a day can support the regulation of blood sugar levels thanks to its high soluble fiber content.

Healthy teeth

The compounds in this apple have important benefits for dental health thanks to their ability to stimulate saliva production and reduce bacteria that accumulate in the mouth. Consuming a portion on an empty stomach is a great way to avoid diseases such as cavities or gum infections, as it will help reduce bacterial concentration.

Healthy heart

The cardiovascular benefits of apples are associated with their important contribution of fiber and potassium . Both nutrients are essential in controlling high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Potassium acts as an electrolyte that balances cell moisture, supporting normal heart function.

In addition, pectin and polyphenols contribute to increasing lipid metabolism and reducing inflammatory molecules that often have some relationship with cardiovascular diseases.

Good digestion

The significant contribution of dietary fiber that the green apple makes makes it a great ally to regulate bowel movements and prevent constipation . Thanks to its digestive qualities, the consumption of a single portion can be useful in cases of diarrhea, inflammation and gas. In addition, it is good to take it after a too heavy meal, as it helps avoid indigestion and supports proper absorption of nutrients.

Radiant skin

Vitamins A, B and C, added to its high antioxidant and water content, also make it a fruit for skin beauty. Including it in your daily diet is a way to keep your skin hydrated, free of impurities and conditions that alter its beauty. By helping to curb free radicals, its effects prevent the appearance of early wrinkles and other signs that reveal age.

healthy bones

By providing a significant amount of boron, this type of apple is a support for improving bone health and preventing loss of density.

Enjoy! 🍏

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