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Lemon, Benefits and Natural Remedies

Lemon, Benefits and Natural Remedies
The aromatic lemon enjoys the reputation of being the “medicine food” par excellence thanks to the numerous healthy properties attributed to it, from combating hypertension and cardiovascular problems, to counteracting stress and fatigue or strengthening the body's defenses.

Known for its flavor and its use in gastronomy worldwide, lemon is the fruit of the lemon tree, a perennial and aromatic tree of the Citrus genus. Coming from Asia, today its cultivation is carried out in tropical and subtropical areas.

It contains a high concentration of vitamin C and citric acid, which directly influences the properties of lemon. It also provides potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium in good quantities.

Lemon is considered useful in sweet and savory dishes, as well as for making drinks. In addition, the juice serves to make water drinkable and inhibit some microorganisms, its leaves to aromatize rooms and furniture, and the wood of the tree is even appreciated for cabinetmaking work.

Natural remedies with lemon and their benefits

The simplest and most effective way to take advantage of the medicinal properties of lemon is to drink a glass of warm water with the juice of half a lemon or a whole lemon as soon as you wake up. In this way, the action of vitamin C, terpenes and organic acids in lemon is taken advantage of at the most appropriate time of day.


  • This morning glass of water stimulates the body's purifying processes and promotes its alkalinity, that is, the opposite of acidity, which favors all types of disorders, including cancer.
  • It is also the best way to hydrate yourself after having subjected your body to an 8-hour drought. Taking lemon with water is also the most appropriate, because lemon alone is too aggressive with tooth enamel. In fact, to protect it, you can drink your glass of water with lemon through a straw.
  • To increase the purifying and health-giving power of your glass of lemon juice, you can scratch a little skin on it, because this is where the highest concentration of limonene and other terpenes is found.


  • A little-known property of lemon, also due to limonene and other terpenoids, is that it promotes a good mood, as it reduces stress levels and agitation.


  • There is a belief that lemon juice should be consumed immediately after squeezing it so that it does not lose vitamin C. The truth is that this vitamin is preserved in the squeezed juice quite well for several hours at room temperature.
  • Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is quickly transformed into dehydroascorbic acid, a compound that until a few years ago was thought to have no activity as vitamin C, but today it is known that it retains its properties. That's why you can entertain yourself a little while drinking your lemon juice.
  • After a few hours, dehydroascorbic acid degrades to diketogulonic acid, without vitamin activity. It must be taken into account that, when heating the juice, the transition to diketogulonic acid is accelerated, so vitamin C is lost.


  • The organic acids in lemon also help to enhance the beneficial properties of other foods. In a published study studying the antioxidant capacity of green tea, it was shown that, after adding a small amount of lemon juice to the drink, its antioxidant power greatly increased.


  • This fruit is a natural antiseptic which is why it is useful in disinfecting wounds. Prevents the proliferation of harmful microorganisms, in addition to accelerating skin healing.


  • Who was going to tell you that lemon helps prevent cardiovascular diseases? It is suggested that its consumption provides numerous antioxidants that promote the proper functioning of the heart and the strengthening of the walls of the blood vessels. Likewise, it promotes blood circulation, lowers blood pressure and combats the formation of clots.


  • Lemon components have been used in numerous cosmetics. The antioxidant effect of vitamin C promotes cell turnover, collagen formation and calcium fixation. Therefore, this fruit helps us combat skin aging and strengthen nails and hair by simply applying a few drops after washing them. Don't forget to rinse with plenty of water.
  • Certainly, applied topically it serves to lighten the skin, exfoliate it and restore its radiance. It is recognized as the ideal ally for skin that tends to be a little dull and greasy due to the properties of lemon and its components on the skin.

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