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Ingredients that you should avoid in your salads

Ingredients that you should avoid in your salads

When we talk about eating healthy, the first thing that generally comes to mind are salads, when choosing the dish we are going to eat, but what we must keep in mind is that not all salads are as innocent as we assume. , or rather, not all the ingredients with which we make them are low in calories or have a good nutritional contribution.

Among the ingredients that we should avoid putting in our salads are, for example, creamy dressings, since they not only contain many calories, but also have little nutritional value and both things are certainly better to avoid.

Also, it is advisable to avoid adding any ingredient that has been fried, for example, when adding proteins we can add chicken, but this does not have to have been part of a frying process since otherwise we will be adding large amounts of sodium to our dish. A good replacement is to add the contents of a can of raw tuna.

Croutons, those pieces of crispy bread sautéed in oil, are the most common way to ruin a nutritious salad, since we will be adding a good amount of refined carbohydrates to the recipe while adding about 30 total calories to the dish, something that It is better to avoid it if what we are looking for is to feel lighter after the meal and lose those annoying extra kilos once and for all.

Something that we can take into account is to season our salads in the most natural way possible, for example, lemon can simply replace salt, and in this way, we will be avoiding bloating from sodium while incorporating a good amount of salt into our diet. dose of vitamin C , which never hurts to add to the body to increase defenses.

We recommend that you complement your diet with vitamin supplements such as Vitamin 3 in 1 sold in the Health Store.

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