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Medicinal herbs for uric acid

Medicinal herbs for uric acid

Excess uric acid or Hyperuricemia is a fairly common problem today. Unhealthy lifestyle habits and poor diet are among the main factors that cause the appearance of these metabolic wastes in our blood.

We all have a level of uric acid in the body. It is created when substances called purines are broken down. These also come from the decomposition of some foods, such as animal meats, coffee and alcoholic beverages, mainly.

This substance is expelled through urine, but if our body produces too much, it may not be eliminated completely. And what happens when there is excess uric acid in the body? What we know as gout, joint pain and inflammation appears.

More severe cases can even lead to kidney or liver failure. For this reason, it is recommended to go to a doctor to perform the examination and check the levels of uric acid in the blood.

So what should we do to reduce uric acid level? In general, following data from the Arthritis Society, it is recommended to eliminate the consumption of red meat, animal proteins, fats, sausages, alcohol, refined flours, salt, sugar and carbonated drinks. On the other hand, the consumption of vegetables, fruits and cereals should be increased.

On the other hand, natural medicine usually recommends the consumption of medicinal plants to relieve uric acid. It is worth noting that many of these options do not have scientific support. For this reason, remember that they should not replace the treatment prescribed by the doctor. In fact, consult with him before starting the intake.

1. Diuretic plants

  • Take note: horsetail, dandelion and artichoke infusion are attributed diuretic effects that would help eliminate excess fluids.
  • It is believed that it could be beneficial to take them after your main meals to help eliminate uric acid. You can choose the one you like most at any given time.

2. Milk thistle and its antioxidant effect

  • According to a 2016 study, milk thistle provides antioxidants to our body. Let us remember that these substances fight free radicals, helping our body to protect itself from various diseases.
  • How about starting the day with a milk thistle infusion? You can find it in natural stores both in infusion and in tablets.

3. Harpagofito or harpago to reduce inflammation

  • Ayurvedic medicine maintains that this root would act directly on the muscles and joints, reducing inflammation as an effect of uric acid. Consult your doctor about this. You can also find it in natural stores.
  • Before starting to take any of these medicinal herbs, we advise you to consult with your trusted doctor. Keep in mind that, despite being natural, they could be counterproductive if you are taking medications.

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