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Strengthen your immune system!

Six effective ways to strengthen our immune system against winter viruses

Our body is always exposed to different diseases caused by agents such as viruses and bacteria but

Did you know that your immune system is strengthened with a healthy and balanced diet?

In this time of epidemic, we must try to be as healthy as possible, the defenses can suffer both from an excess of energy (obesity) and from an energy deficit (malnutrition), having a greater chance of contracting diseases.

Likewise, unbalanced diets with calorie restriction (less than 1,200 per day) can decrease immune function.

Although quantity is an important factor, so is quality.

There are very specific nutrients that, if absent, affect our immune system.

When people decide to start a diet, the first thing they restrict is fats

Although these must be consumed in a balanced way, they also influence the functioning of our body.

The important thing is to reduce the consumption of saturated fats and include essential fats such as those offered by fish, nuts, olive oil, among others.

The importance of vitamins

The consumption of fruits and vegetables is very important due to their richness in bioactives, vitamins and minerals.

A clear example is vitamin C , which increases the production of interferon, a cellular substance that prevents a wide range of viruses.

Foods such as kiwi, citrus fruits and peppers, as well as tomatoes and vegetables have vitamin C.

This vitamin, along with E and provitamin A known as carotenes (yellow fruits, carrots, papaya) fulfill the function of being an antioxidant.

essential minerals 

Iron deficiency decreases cell proliferation, that is, the multiplication and growth of cells, and the immune response.

We can find it mainly in foods such as liver, meat, fish and eggs.

Zinc deficiency affects the lymphoid organs, that is, those that produce lymphocytes, and the immune response.

We can find this mineral in seafood, pumpkin seeds, aged cheeses, legumes, nuts, meat, fish and eggs.


"Because prevention is better than cure"

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