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Exercises to do at home

coronavirus quarantine exercises

With most activities suspended due to the coronavirus crisis, the quarantine increases the risk of sedentary lifestyle in a significant part of the population. For this reason, knowing some exercises to do at home is an interesting measure to contribute to physical and mental well-being.

Let us remember that physical activity has positive effects on health, exercising is associated with a prolonged life span, it contributes to reducing the risk of chronic diseases, including cardiovascular problems, diabetes, lung conditions, exercise contributes to mental health and emotion management, which is quite relevant if we take into account that the current situation leads to states of panic, stress and anxiety in the population.

Exercises to do at home during quarantine

In times of illness, habits that help keep defenses strong gain more relevance. Therefore, despite the quarantine, the general recommendation is to continue doing physical exercise, although preferably in a moderate way.

Of course, the above must go hand in hand with good nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits. Furthermore, it must be adapted to the needs of each person, since not everyone has the same physical capacity. In any case, considering the situation, it must be clear that the objective is to increase well-being and not to achieve certain objectives.

Leaving these details clear, let's now see what are the exercises to do at home. Sedentary people can spend about 20 minutes, while those who have sufficient physical endurance can extend this period for up to 40 minutes.

Express exercise routine

Jumping Jacks.

  • For 30 seconds. The first exercise consists of performing jumping jacks in a standing position. Starting with feet together and hands resting on the hips, execute jumps opening and closing legs and arms simultaneously.
  • Push-ups. 15 in total.

Wall squat.

  • For 30 seconds. Perform this resistance exercise with your back completely supported on the wall and your legs at 90 degrees.


  • For 30 seconds. Standing and without moving from the spot, raise your knees upward, alternating them, jumping on the balls of your feet.

Side plank.

  • For 15 seconds on each side. It is an exercise to strengthen the abdominal area. It is a movement similar to the front plank but from the side. To do it we will place a mat on the floor and lie down sideways. With one hand resting on it and the other close to the body, we will rise until we only have one arm and feet resting on the ground.
  • Rest. For 10 seconds.

"Mountain Climbers."

  • For 30 seconds. In a front plank position on your hands, bring your knees to your chest, alternating your legs and bouncing on the balls of your feet.
  • Rest. For 10 seconds.

Shadow boxing.

  • For 30 seconds. Boxing in the air with small jumps back and forth. Jumps should be done with both feet at the same time, pivoting on the back foot when you go backwards and on the front foot when you go forward.

Jumping squat.

  • For 30 seconds. Perform a regular squat, making a small jump while lifting and bringing both arms back at the same time with your palms open.
  • Push-ups. In total, 15.

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