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Learn to read the codes on the labels on fruits 🍏 and vegetables 🥦

Learn to read the codes on the labels on fruits and vegetables
Surely you have seen that the fruits and vegetables you buy in the supermarket have a stamp, well, it is a label with product information and it is important that you know what it is.

What is it for?

That label contains the PLU (Price Lookup) code and supermarkets have used it since 1990 to facilitate inventory control of fruits and vegetables.

The person in charge of assigning these codes is the International Federation for Product Standards (IFPS). These codes can have four or five digits that identify fresh or bulk products, based on aspects such as the type of merchandise, variety, size and type of crop.

Labels on fruits and vegetables

The 0 at the beginning is for all products, fruits or vegetables, grown conventionally and using pesticides, the bad thing is that generally the 0 does not appear on the label. For example, all bananas have the code #4011.

If the fruit or vegetable has a five-digit code starting with the number 8, it means it is genetically modified. For example, you would have a tag #84011.

If the label has a five-digit code and starts with the number 9, then it indicates that it has been grown without pesticides or fertilizers, that is, it is an organic product.

In addition to the color, variety, weight and size of the product, this code also identifies whether it was grown in a specific region, something similar to the designation of origin.

Since you know, you should check what you consume, remember that certain pesticides are toxic and harmful to our health.

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