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4 recipes with oranges 🍊, perfect for our health

4 recipes with oranges, perfect for our health

Fruits, like most natural foods, provide us with essential vitamins and minerals to achieve optimal health. The orange does not escape these advantages since as a source of Vitamin C , ingesting it in generous portions, combats premature aging, strengthens the bone system and prevents colds, among many other benefits.

Those who consume it are healthier people and suffer less from chronic diseases. It is also recommended in diets, because consuming it satisfies our hunger and it is proven that we eat less; This without overlooking the fact that they are an excellent source of fiber and folic acid for the body. Here we present 4 recipes for juices made with orange and perfect for your health.

1.- Carrot, beet and orange

Preparing this delicious juice will be very simple and beneficial for increasing hemoglobin and potassium levels in our body.


1 large carrot

2 sweet oranges

½ small beet

Preparation: Peel and beat the carrot with the orange juice, add the beet. We drink a glass on an empty stomach for a week. Repeat its intake whenever you want, at least once a month.

2.- Orange and mint juice

A refreshing and delicious recipe to accompany a light lunch.


6 sweet oranges

4 sprigs of mint

To sweeten if necessary, use honey

Preparation: Peel the oranges and squeeze their juice. In a blender, mix the juice with the mint, add ice and honey if the oranges are not very sweet.

3.- Orange, spinach, oats and banana

Mixture of fruits and vegetables that, in addition to improving digestion, activates you immediately with its great contribution of vitamins.


2 large, sweet oranges

½ bunch of spinach

2 tablespoons oats

1 banana

Preparation: We blend the orange with the spinach, add the banana and then the oats. Refrigerate for at least half an hour before serving. Sweeten with honey if needed.

4.- Orange, banana and strawberries

This juice is rich in fiber and helps digestion. Strawberry and orange are of great help for losing weight, as well as antioxidants; The banana also does its job since it is a fruit rich in vitamin B6 that acts against obesity and as an anti-inflammatory agent.


2 medium bananas

3 large strawberries

2 large oranges

Preparation: Peel the bananas and blend them with the strawberries in the blender, then add the orange juice. In a glass jar, place it in the refrigerator for at least an hour before serving cold. It is a perfect juice for breakfast.

There are thousands of reasons why eating or drinking the juice of one orange a day is a good idea; They are low in calories but full of nutrients, are excellent for healthy skin and can help reduce our risk of diseases and chronic conditions. Dare to share these recipes with your family. All juices are enough for two to three people.

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