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10 tips to keep fruits in better condition

Tips to keep fruits in better condition.
When it comes to choosing the ones we want to incorporate into the diet, we find them in many colors, flavors and varieties that meet different tastes and nutritional requirements.

However, beyond the appearance of each one, we must be very clear that their optimal state plays a very important role so that they are well assimilated by the body and in this way the process of digestion and absorption of nutrients is carried out properly. nutrients.

For this reason today we are going to share with you some easy tricks so that you can keep them fresh and can use them for longer.


  • Not all fruits can be stored under the same conditions and that is almost always what much of their conservation depends on. A ventilated and cool place creates an ideal environment to preserve almost all varieties.
  • On the one hand, ventilation helps prevent the accumulation of ethylene, one of the triggers for fruit decomposition.
  • On the other hand, freshness helps preserve their good condition, since both heat and humidity can damage them faster.


  • Wicker containers are made of natural fibers that allow adequate transpiration of these foods.
  • To store them there, they must first be removed from plastic bags or other containers, which tend to expel moisture, accelerating their decomposition through the development of mold.


  • If the idea is to prevent the fruits from ripening too soon, it is best to make space for them in the refrigerator.
  • However, it must be taken into account that this implies humidity and low temperatures that in the long run can alter the flavor and texture of some.


  • If you decide to keep your fruits somewhere in the refrigerator, a good idea to extend their useful life and prevent decomposition is by storing each variety in transparent bags with small holes.
  • This material will prevent them from mixing with each other, and its holes will prevent the appearance of mold or other fungi that accelerate their damage.


  • When one of the fruits decomposes or spoils, it causes the others to also begin to deteriorate before their time.
  • For this reason, it is very important to check them frequently and remove those that are overripe or about to be damaged.


  • This trick is aimed at all those who usually take advantage of the harvest seasons. If you bought a lot of fruit to take advantage of the low prices, mash it and store it in the freezer.
  • Low temperatures alter the flavor and nutrients they contain to some extent, but they are the best way to preserve them for weeks to make smoothies, cakes, jams and other interesting recipes.


  • They are adaptable lids for cut fruits that help them stay as fresh as if they were whole. They are already being distributed in many markets and have gained a lot of popularity for representing a more ecological way of conservation as they are washable and reusable.


  • Many people have the bad habit of washing their fruits before storing them for later consumption, believing that this way it will be safer to eat them later.
  • The problem is that humidity accelerates decomposition and that is why it is better to avoid it. What you can do is wash them just before eating them for greater safety.


  • This article is very practical to extend the shelf life of food and avoid problems such as cross contamination.
  • If you have pieces of fruit left and you don't want to consume them right away, you can cover them with a piece of this plastic before putting them in the refrigerator.
  • However, you should know that it is an alternative that is not very friendly to the environment, since it involves using non-reusable plastic.


  • Last but not least, it should be noted that it is always best to buy the fruit in its correct size.
  • Sometimes it is good to take advantage of the promotions that are on the sales site, but if it is not to be put to quick use, there will be no point in investing in them.
  • By purchasing only the amount necessary for the week there is a greater guarantee of its freshness, flavor and properties.

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