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Therapies: deep breathing, oxygenate and alkalize your body

Breathing therapy - LIFE AT 100

You've probably heard about the pH levels in hand soap or some other personal care products, as this topic is also related to our body, and the truth is that the pH levels in the body are even more important than you think. we imagine.

The pH is measured on a scale from 1 to 14, where the extreme of acidity is 1 and the extreme of alkalinity is 14; If the level is 7, it is called neutral . It has been proven that a human body with 7.35 and 7.45 alkalinity is healthier than one with levels less than 7 (acidity) because oxygenation in the blood is better.

Food and emotions are habits that affect the acidic or alkaline state in the blood. Toxins, as well as hormones from processed animal foods, combine with our stress levels and generate acidity in the body.

It is possible to recover alkaline levels in the blood , and it is free! fast and very powerful: deep breathing . I explain how to apply it to your daily life.

Deep breathing

Oxygen is essential for life!

Imagine that your body is a river, the blood and its nutrients are water. For it to run and go far, air is needed, let's say, oxygen, with it, the cells are filled with life and health when it flows throughout the body.

Breathing deeply, consciously and completely, alkalizes us thanks to the amount of oxygen that exists in the blood. By eating correctly and applying this technique, you can reduce the level of acidity in your blood and improve your health.

Do you know how?

1.Place four fingers under your navel, when you inhale you should feel your stomach inflate up to your last finger.

2. Inhale deeply for 1 second.

3. Hold the position for 4 seconds.

4. Exhale for 2 more seconds.

Repeat this minimum exercise twice a day, watch how your body fills with energy, headaches decrease, skin improves and defenses increase. An alkaline state can be a treatment for autoimmune diseases that develop especially in blood with acidic levels or with a pH less than 7.


"Because prevention is better than cure"

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