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Mature relationship or immature relationship?

Mature relationship or immature relationship?

Perhaps you have ever had a question about whether you are in a mature or immature relationship.

Without a doubt, there are big differences between the two. Thus, each of them can determine the success or failure of that established link.

An immature relationship always tends to bring pain, suffering and a lot of damage that both members will experience.

This does not usually happen in a mature relationship. However, from the first one one can learn to reorient future ties so that they are established in a healthy way.

One of the first symptoms of an immature relationship is that both partners believe that they cannot live without each other.

  • These types of relationships have a high degree of dependency that causes the couple to hurt each other sooner or later.
  • On the other hand, in a mature relationship, both people know how to be independent. They do not rely on each other to be happy, nor do they make their well-being depend on the other.
  • Each member of the relationship is fully responsible for themselves. They are not afraid of being alone.
  • They can live without being together, but in their maturity they choose, wisely, to share their life with the other person.

I need you to love me, because I can't do it

  • In immature relationships, the couple needs the other to feel wanted and loved. They have not cultivated, they have not healed and they need another person to complete their emptiness.
  • These people have serious emotional shortcomings to which they have not paid attention or sought a solution.
  • The only easy way out that they have found has been to put patches on them in pairs.
  • This does not happen in mature relationships. In this, each of the members knows that to love the other person they have to first love themselves.
  • In this way, a healthy bond is established where people do not do things they like just to please and obtain the love of the other.

Everything will happen as it has to happen

  • When we immerse ourselves in immature relationships, worry is the order of the day. We calculate the hours when we are together or not, we plan down to the last detail and we don't leave room for improvisation.
  • In short, there is an excess of control to compensate for a fear. This may be fear that our partner will leave us, that love will end, etc. This is an immature relationship.
  • What is the variant in the mature relationship? It flows and the couple lets themselves go without needing to control what happens.
  • In this way, the relationship satisfies, it does not cause need or anguish, there is no rush, you live in the moment.

I will blame you and judge you until the end

  • This is common in immature relationships, the fact of judging and blaming the other almost constantly.
  • They do not accept the couple, they are questioned, they are even judged for mistakes they have made before they met.
  • However, a mature relationship knows how to forgive, does not hold grudges, and each member takes responsibility for their actions. Thus, instead of judging each other, they help each other learn and grow.
  • It is not necessary to live in a past that cannot be changed. Furthermore, this is a very toxic attitude.
  • A couple has to move forward, push themselves forward. Only in this way will he be able to show full maturity.
  • Having gone through an immature relationship is not something that we should consider bad or negative. Simply put, it is an experience that we have to overcome, observe and thus learn.
  • Everything that happens to us in life helps us improve, as long as we are aware of it and are willing to resolve conflicts.
  • The couple's world still holds many secrets. Sometimes it is an arid terrain, other times a much kinder one.
  • The key is found in that balance that only a mature relationship provides to the bond.

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