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How toxins act in the body

How toxins act in the body

In recent years, all the media talk about toxins, the famous detox diets or the best way to exercise to eliminate them. However, few people really know what toxins are and why it is advisable to purify our body.

Toxins are harmful substances that are produced by cells, whether they are plants, animals or bacteria. In our case, they may have been manufactured by the body or come from outside.

The problem with toxins is that when they accumulate they cause damage to our cells and tissues. Therefore, in this article we explain where these substances come from and what we can do to eliminate them.

What are toxins?

As we have mentioned, toxins are substances potentially harmful to our cells and tissues. They can be small molecules, proteins or other elements that come from both outside and inside the body.

First of all, we must know that toxins are generated in our body all the time, due to the metabolic processes that we need to survive. For example, the mechanism by which our cells obtain energy generates free radicals.

Free radicals are unstable molecules that are considered toxins, since they can cause damage to cells if they accumulate. We also generate numerous toxins when we eat, breathe or consume a substance such as tobacco.

What happens is that we have mechanisms that allow us to neutralize all these toxins or eliminate them. When they are neutralized, they are prevented from reaching very high levels, which is what is really harmful to the tissues.

The two most important organs in neutralizing and eliminating toxins are the liver and kidney. We expel a large part of them through urine and feces.

It is essential that these organs function as they should, so that the purification is correct. Kidney and liver diseases alter the detoxification process and delay the elimination of free radicals, affecting aging, for example.

Other important toxins

As we have already mentioned, diet is an important source of toxins. Not only because of the reactions that occur inside the body to process food, but because they also come from the product itself.

In this way, foods rich in additives and fats contain a higher percentage of toxins. The same happens with fried foods or those processed at high temperatures. Furthermore, substances such as tobacco or alcohol are extremely harmful.

Polluting substances, such as heavy metals, which are present in some animals that we ingest, are also considered a source of poisoning. We also cannot forget that the poisons of animals such as snakes or insects are also toxic.

Ultra-processed foods, common in the current food industry, accelerate the toxin release process due to the number of steps taken in their manufacturing. In a supermarket, the choice of products must be specific, to minimize health risks.

How to eliminate toxins from the body?

Although there are advertisements for numerous diets and detox formulas, there is still no scientific evidence of their benefits. However, it is true that in order to eliminate toxins from our body we need our organs to function correctly. Especially the liver and kidney.

Hence, it is very important to hydrate well and drink between 1.5 and 2 liters of water a day. This way we help the kidney produce more urine and purify itself more frequently.

Logically, if we reduce what we eat from outside, it will also be beneficial for us. We can do this, for example, by eliminating alcohol, tobacco or processed and high-fat items. Furthermore, the ideal is to introduce more vegetables and fruits into our diet.

It is recommended to lead an active life and exercise at moderate intensity several times a week. Through sport we also eliminate toxins and, in addition, reduce stress levels, which seem to be related.

What we must remember is that toxins are substances that are harmful to our tissues. However, before starting any diet or taking detox products, it is important to inform yourself and consult with a professional.

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