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4 tips to start the year with healthy habits

Do you want this year to mark a before and after in your life? These tips will help you get off on the right foot so that the healthy habits that cost so much are sometimes easier to acquire.

Make changes to the environment

Look around. Do you see something that is holding back your goal of achieving healthy habits? The “enemies” are not always in plain sight, you may have become so accustomed to certain patterns and triggers that they are already automatic.

For example, if this year you want to improve your quality of sleep, go to your room and ask yourself what furniture or items are an obstacle to your sleeping well:

  • Is the mattress in good condition?
  • Is the setting optimal for rest or are there many distractions?
  • Does too much light come in?
  • Do you have a TV on the wall that seduces you every night?

Apply this advice to any goal you want to achieve, simply by changing the questions. When you have identified the barriers in the environment, make the necessary changes.

Set easy goals every day

Meeting a simple goal does not mean that it is less important. On the contrary, when you add 100 small steps it turns out that you have walked a long way, and you didn't even realize it!

Achievable goals will always be more sustainable in the long term, and after all, what you need to adopt healthy habits is to stay on track.

As an example:

  • If you want a more active life, start by doing 10 minutes of aerobics a day.
  • Do you want to eat healthier? Start by substituting half a serving of carbohydrates for salad.
  • Switch from carbonated drinks to carbonated water (the sensation is similar, which helps “trick” the brain).

It is the small changes that eventually lead to the big transformations. Yes indeed: Consistency is key. Therefore, the objectives must be daily and it is essential that you track your progress.

Take ownership of the time

Have you counted the minutes (even hours) you waste each week on activities that do not benefit you at all? Now imagine if you stopped doing it and spent all that time achieving your goals. The truth is that, at the end of the year, you would have many reasons to feel good.

  • Start by identifying the absorbing activities in your daily life.
  • Then, rank them based on how positive they are for your physical and mental health.
  • Find ways to replace bad habits (like compulsively checking social media) with new activities. An example is taking advantage of apps of languages ​​and, instead of consulting the networks, learn a new word.

Think in terms of quality, not quantity

A common excuse for continuing to have bad habits is lack of time. “I don't eat healthy, because I don't have time to cook,” or “I don't exercise, because I work all day.”

If you find yourself thinking this way (or it's what made you abandon your healthy living plans in the past), you need to understand that it's not time, but quality, that determines success.

You don't have to dedicate 2 hours a day to exercise, it is enough to exercise 30 minutes a day if, while you do it, all your energy is in the present moment. You also don't have to meet with your loved ones or family members daily to have good relationships. If you can only see them once a week, but by doing so you are really present , the relationship will improve.


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