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What is Natural Medicine or Naturopathy? 🌱

What is Natural Medicine or Naturopathy?

Natural Medicine, according to Wikipedia, covers a series of practices or therapies with preventive or curative intent, using elements obtained from nature, with a low or no level of processing. For its part, the RAE says that Natural Medicine is the doctrine that advocates the use of natural agents for the preservation of health and the treatment of diseases.

There may be various definitions about the Natural Medicine, also called Naturopathy by some, but what they definitely converge on is the great usefulness that it has demonstrated since ancient times. Not for nothing has it transcended from generation to generation, from town to town, becoming today one of the safest, most economical and least harmful methods to prevent, and even cure, some diseases and their symptoms. Who hasn't had chamomile tea for stomach pain, passionflower tea to combat insomnia and relieve stress and anxiety; and countless examples that we could cite about what Natural Medicine does for us every day.

Some similar terms as Natural Medicine is known worldwide may be: Naturopathic Medicine, Naturopathy, Naturism or Naturopathic Medicine.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the term used refers to both traditional medicine systems and various forms of indigenous medicine. This practice is academically recognized in some countries.

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