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What is ionized alkaline water and what are its benefits?

Ionized alkaline water is simply water that contains a higher charge of ions and has a higher level of alkalinity. This causes its regular pH, whose levels are 7 to 7.2, to increase to 9 or, in some cases, up to 10. The higher the pH of the water, the more ability it has to neutralize acids.
In general terms, an ideal pH in water for people seeking to improve the alkalinity indexes in their body should be 8.5 to 9. However, although elements with a pH lower than 7 are considered acidic and, therefore, Therefore, dangerous for health, it is not advisable to consume elements with a pH greater than 10, since excessive alkalinity is not good either.
Essentially, the ingredients in alkaline water have a high level of alkaline minerals such as calcium, silica, magnesium or bicarbonate. These compounds raise the hydroxyls or ions in the chemical structure of the water and make it richer in oxygen , turning it into ionized alkaline water. Of course, this molecular structure can be created naturally or through other processes such as hydrolysis. So that you understand this explanation better, we tell you that it is the process that causes the water molecule H2O, made up of 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom, to adopt one or more hydrogen molecules, thus changing its formula to H3O.

What is alkaline water for?

Alkaline water, at a molecular level, serves to provide ions or hydrogen molecules to the water molecules in our body that have lost some of their properties. The common loss of the hydrogen molecule in the water formula changes its nomenclature from H2O to HO, which generates a chain reaction (free radicals) that forces said molecule to find a way to stabilize itself. How do you do this? Taking one of the hydrogen molecules from its companions.

What has been mentioned, as is logical, generates a massive theft of molecules and, consequently, increases the acidity in the cells of the human body. Therefore, alkaline water molecules, having a H3O composition (that is, one more hydrogen molecule) help the chain to stabilize. If you are wondering what alkaline water is for, you should know that it is usually taken for:

  • Moisturize the body deeply: these hydrating powers are due to its high oxygen index.
  • Improve the digestive and circulatory processes of the body: due to the important minerals that this type of water provides.
  • Lower blood acidity levels: as we mentioned above, alkaline water helps balance the body's pH and, therefore, reduces blood acidity levels.
  • Eliminate toxins from the body: because its composition helps fight free radicals.
  • Prevent premature aging: alkaline water is a perfect cell regenerator, which is why it is used to prevent skin aging

Alkaline water: benefits

Alkaline water acts as an antioxidant that eliminates toxins and acids from the body, thus serving to soothe problems such as gastritis. This is due to its high levels of hydroxyls, which play a fundamental role in the development of oxygen in the blood.

Benefits of alkaline water

  • Alkaline water is a natural antacid.
  • Prevents skin aging, as it is a natural antioxidant that regenerates cells.
  • Prevents the proliferation of external pathogens such as bacteria and viruses. This is due to the development of external disease-causing agents, as these require an acidic and not an alkaline pH.
  • Alkaline water purifies the colon.
  • It benefits the production of red blood cells due to its high concentration of oxygen.
  • It hydrates much more quickly and is therefore often recommended to athletes.

How to make alkaline water

There are different brands of alkaline water that you can find in the supermarket and that maintain the benefits that we have talked about previously. However, you can also forget about the fashionable alkaline water brands and opt for making your own alkaline water with the Water Ionizer and Alkalizer Stick Filter, also known as the diet water filter, allows you to transform normal water into high-quality water. alkaline, healthy and antioxidant quality by providing natural mineral components such as calcium, magnesium and potassium to mention a few that, when dissolved, eliminate chlorine and other unpleasant odors and vitalize the water, providing important health benefits as they help alkalize, hydrate and detoxify the body, avoid osteoporosis, improve blood circulation, and many other benefits.

How to use the Water Ionizer and Alkalizer Stick Filter

1. Before use: Put the Ionizer and Alkalizer Filter Stick in a bottle filled with tap water or bottled water. Shake for 30 seconds and empty the water. This removes excess loose minerals. Repeat 2 more times.

2. Refill the bottle and shake for 30 seconds. Wait 15-20 minutes before drinking. The longer the Water Ionizer and Alkalizer Stick Filter is submerged, the higher the ionization and PH.

3. Use an Ionizer and Alkalizer Stick Filter for 1 or 2 liters of Water.

4. Store in its plastic case when not in use.

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